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V-webmail is a powerful PHP based webmail application with an abundance of features, including: Easy installation and configuration - Full support for attachments and HTML mail - Folder support (IMAP) - Filtering support (IMAP) - Quick search etc.




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Rumble Mail Server

Rumble is a mail server suite for SMTP (ESMTPSA), HTTP, POP3 and IMAP4v1 with an extensive C/C++ and Lua API for scripting. It comes with support for SSL/TLS, SQLite and MySQL and has a web-based administration and webmail feature. Additional included modules feature greylisting, DNS blacklisting, SpamAssassin support and dynamic performance scaling as well as a multithreaded structure that allows for clustering of multiple servers for one or all domains, and with the ease of the Lua API,

Atmail-open-webmail-client - Atmail Open is a lightweight PHP Webmail client

AtMail is an open source webmail client written in PHP. We aim to provide a elegant Ajax webmail client for existing IMAP mailservers, with less bloat and a focus on an intuitive, simple user interface. The open source version of AtMail provides users with a lightweight, yet powerful webmail client. The software can be installed on a variety of platforms with ease and without the hassles that most webmail platforms impart. Traditional desktop mail clients are in decline; the future of email is v

Ragnarok - Java Enterprise Edition 5 WebMail

IntroductionRagnarok is a Java Enterprise Edition 5 based webmail application. The project is in its early stage, developed in my free time. The application utilizes the following technologies/frameworks/tools: EJB 3.0 Java Persistence API Javamail API Hibernate Search Jboss Seam IceFaces Faclets Maven2 GlassFish V2 Application Server

Autosetup - auto setup linux soft

Linuxçš„å¼€æº�安装对åˆ�学者æ�¥è¯´æœ‰äº›éº»çƒ¦,所以把它å�šæˆ�自动安装包,供大家学习!è¿�行平å�°å�‡ä¸ºcentos5 AutoIM_Porxy 是基于squid的,自动安装的http代ç�†ï¼Œå�¯ç”¨äºŽQQç­‰IM软件 (v1.0.1) AutoSVN 是基于apache+subversion+viewve的版本控制工具 (v0.1.1) AutoVPN 是基于pptp+freeradius+mysql的,å�¯ç”¨WEB管ç�†(v1.0.0) 下载地å�€:http://www.namipan.com/d/2cce800e6dcdfa5b15507c14a0ae6d69e853ed8b00206b01 AutoCDN 是基于easy-cdn所å�šçš„自è¿�安装版,è

Myroundcube - RoundCube Plugins

<<@VERSION:0.7.1>> MyRoundcube PluginsYour comments are appreciatedComments CRITICALNo critical issues known LICENSEGNU GPL News:plugin_manager To install this plugin is the only way to get updates for this bundle. Do not download bundled release from the download section here. Since Roundcube 0.7.2 bundle > v1.0 updates have to be directly fetched from the mirror server by using plugin_manager! SKINSlitecube-f by Unlock For Us Volunteers wanted !!!I have to maintain much too much plugins. If yo

Postfix-setup - This is auto install postfix and configure shell scripts

这是一个支æŒ�几乎所有Linux版本以å�ŠFreeBSD系统的postfix全自动安装shell脚本,该脚本能自动下载ã€�编译ã€�安装ã€�é…�置所ä¾�赖的相关软件,让postfix的安装å�˜å¾—è½»æ�¾è€Œå¿«æ�·ã€‚ 历å�²äº‹ä»¶ï¼š 2001年的时候我写了一个Qmail_setup-vxxxxx.tar.gz,æ¯�天都很多人下载,而Qmail这玩æ„�由于已ç»�å�œæ­¢äº†æ›´æ–°ï¼Œè®©æˆ‘比较失望。在2003å¹´å�Žè¿žæˆ‘自己都没什么心情æ�¥æ›´æ–°Qmail_setup了,在我用了长达8å¹´çš„Qmail以å�Žï¼Œæ