Virtual Qmail

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Virtual Qmail - virtual domains management system for qmail. It is designed to be fast, reliable, and easy to use. Includes software allowing users to manage their accounts via WWW.



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Emus-encryption-tool - Emu's Encryption Tool is a java app and library to encrypt and decrypt da

Emu's Encryption ToolReadme1. Whats this tool about?Emu's Encryption Tool is an application that encrypts text using polyalphabetic methods used in the middle ages. Because there are no mathematical functions or formulas the encrypted texts can't be cracked using bruteforce attacks or other password cracking methods used in IT security. The texts are encrypted with random codes and fixed passwords but can also be used as an One-Time-Pad (OTP) which uses extreme long random passwords and codes an

Q3ce - Quake 3 for Windows CE

Q3CE is a port of id Software's Quake 3 first person shooter to the Windows CE platform. Runs on Windows PPC2003, and partially works on Windows Mobile 5. Supports hardware acceleration on the Dell Axim x51v, otherwise software rendering is used. A retail Quake III CD is required to play. Ported by Christien Rioux of Noctemware. Extensive modifications were made to Quake 3 in order to run well on the ARM CPU and Windows CE platform, including a conversion to use fixed-point math. Intro Cinematic

Qcal - An object-oriented iCalendar library written for PHP5

UpdateThe very first version of this library has finally been released. It is a pre-alpha release, so don't expect much, but please check it out if you're interested. You can read more on my website. Documentation is under way!qCal iCalendar Library Documentation What is qCal?qCal is an extensible, object-oriented iCalendar reader/generator for PHP5. It is based on the iCalendar v2.0 specification (RFC 2445) and it uses common design patterns and best practices. I have been working on it off and

Earthquake2008 - The Earthquake Real-Time Reporter (eq)

Real-time reports of earthquakes occured in California and Nevada (eq) This program is free software developed by Calvin Ma. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY! Usage: eq [[-g magnitude][-m email][-q max]|-h|-v] -g magnitude: To opt-out earthquakes with magnitudes less than the input (default 0). -m email: To create a cron job. An email will be sent to you as soon as an earthquake qualifying your descriptions occurs. -q NUM: To query at most

Framedifferenceanalyzer - a simple frame difference analyzer script

General frame difference analyzer. This is not a functional tool, it is made for visualizing and understanding motion detection/scene detection/ anything related to frame differencing. This code is not optimized for speed in anyway. here is link to the examples

Qtip-updated - qTip-updated

qTip-updated is a fork of Craig Thompson's tooltip plugin for the jQuery JavaScript framework. This is a fork of version 1.0.0-rc3 which was released on 12th May, 2009 by Craig Thompson at Changelog24-06-2010 Added compatibility for jQuery v1.4.2

Qsturng-py - Studentized range approximations for Python

General DescriptionThe studentized range distribution is commonly used for multiple comparison testing such as single step procedures like Tukey's HSD as well as step-down procedures such as the Ryan or Ryan-Einot-Gabriel-Welsch Q (REGWQ). Step-down procedures often require calculating q values at fractional values of alpha. Surprisingly few algorithms exist to calculate non-tabled values, and to my knowledge no other algorithms to estimate studentized range values have been implemented in Pytho

Blobscanner - A blob detection library for Processing.

Blobscanner Processing libraryBlobscanner is a library for the Processing programming environment. This library is used for blob detection and analysis in any type of image and video stream. Please refer to the project blog for informations on the project status. In the following image an example of hand tracking using Blobscanner in conjunction with a skin detection algorithm. The hand center of mass can be easily computed with Blobscanner.

Ktoggl - timetracker client written in Ruby for KDE/Qt 4.

Minimal sidepanel for, designed to be always-on-top. It has a classic, solid tree view of the clients-projects-tasks. Written in Ruby, so you can easily customize it. It has a clean and simple MVC design -- I hope. Features: API v2 compatible Watching screensaver events Blinking tray icon when counts Configurable style (colors, fonts, etc) DBus adapter Simple and efficient Maintained from 2009Q1 ScreenShots on Picasa.

Jqfolding - Publishing on the web listings, codes with folding.

PROJECT IN DEVELOPINGWhat is jqFolding ?This tiny project gives the possibility to have folding for listing published in an HTML page. This litlle program does not find the block in a listing, this must be done by another program, but it gives to have easily folding feature on a well formatted table. See the example for precisions. Why such a name ?jqFolding is a a contraction of "jQ-uery" and "Folding". LicensingThe JavaScript code is under GNU Genral Public Licence v3 and the documentation und