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Our objective: to provide a unit testing framework for PL/SQL developers modeled on the Junit and Xunit frameworks. Based on the Extreme Programming methodology, utPLSQL makes it easy for developers to set up and execute unit tests of packages.




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IntroductionMany businesses rely on PL/SQL for their day-to-day operation. The fact that it is relatively old and does not mean that you cannot apply Extreme Programming(XP) practices to PL/SQL development. A few years ago, Steven Feuerstein developed utPLSQL, a unit testing framework for PL/SQL, which covers the testing part of XP. The goal of this project is to develop and maintain a Maven plugin that allows you to execute utPLSQL unit tests in an Oracle database and generate a surefire-compli

utPLSQL - Steve Feuerstein's utPLSQL revitalized on github!

Steve Feuerstein's utPLSQL revitalized on github!