uTorrent Remote Control

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uTorrentRemote makes it easier for uTorrent user to control this application remotely. You'll no longer have to start downloading torrents from your home. Just send a link to your mailbox and uTorrent will automatically download it.




Related Projects

Utorrentwrapper - Simple Wrapper/api written in c# to talk to uTorrent WebUI

Simple Wrapper/api written in c# to talk to uTorrent Web UI. Lets you write an external app to control uTorrent downloads. Very fragile and will probably break if anything changes in the Web UI.

Utigor - uTorrent Ipfilred.dat Generator by OpenVPN Routes

This script take ip ranges from your routing table or external file or url and create ipfilter.dat for uTorrent.

Utorentrpc - Python module for utorrent

A simple python module that can discover utorrents in home network and change their settings. I used it to control download rate at my home network.

Cutorrent - A command-line tool for uTorrent

cuTorrent is a simple command-line tool that interacts with remote uTorrent instances through thier webui. uTorrent SetupTo use cuTorrent you must have uTorrent running with the webUI on. For step by step instructions on setting up webUI see this lifehacker's article Usage cuTorrent <options>Options: -h/--help This screen -s/--silent Silent run (ie no output) -l/--upload File or URL of a torrent to upload -t/--hash Hashs of the torrents to modify (separate hashes by commas) -a/--action Action to

IP Filter Updater - uTorrent

uTorrent users can benefit from filtering anti-p2p IP addresses from the torrent swarm, IP Filtering. This is an IP Filter Updater for Windows, with easy one-click update and the ability to check the time-stamp of the current IP Filter DAT file.


uTorrent Transport Protocol library

Mytvalacarta - XBMC script to manage you favorite TV Shows and download/stream episodes

This project will start as a plugin to define and manage your favorite TV Shows. It will update the list of episodes and create Library entries to allow accessing the plugin from library views. It will also allow to search and download episodes via several sources and in selectable qualities. It integrates with jdownloader and utorrent to allow background hispeed downloading.

Rtorrentmanager - Rtorrent Manager

+ поддержка utorrent Web-интерфей� дл� rtorrent / utorrent(win, lin), поддерживающий авто-обновление торентов дл� попул�рных трекеров. Поддерживаемые трекерыrutracker.org lostfilm.tv Поддерживаемые клиентыrtorrent utorrent (win/lin) v0.2a: http://rtorrentmanager.googlecode.com/files/rtorrentmanager_0.2a.tar.gz

uTorrent Web Client API Wrapper Library

This library allows .NET developers to easily access the uTorrent Web Client API. It provides a nice object-oriented wrapper over the uTorrent JSON API, and supports automatic updating and caching of results. It's developed in C# using WCF and requires .NET Framework 3.5 SP1.

Ws-servermon - Server Monitor

Monitor and control Windows based computersWritten using C#, the main application provides support for custom plugins. The current version provides plugin support for: HD44780 based LCDs (connected via parallel port) Windows Mobile based smartphones (allowing for remote control and status updates from the host machine) Web Interface Custom command line Monitoring of uTorrent