Utopia Agent

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Utopia Agent is a powerful suite of applications which sets out to be a replacement for both Utopia Angel and Utopia Pimp. Some features include attack calculators, spell expiration reminders, war analysis, intel synchronization with kingdom, and more




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Lucidbot - LucidBot for Utopia

LucidBot is a comprehensive irc-bot for use in the online game Utopia. It is written completely in Java, and is built on PircBot, though it was been modified to suit the needs for the bot. PircBot is a Java framework that handles the actual IRC interactions, and can be found here. For data storage, the bot uses MySQL or HSQLDB, where the latter is a pure Java embedded database. The bot is licensed under GPL, and the source code is available in the Downloads section. Java means the bot can be tra

Pimpagent2 - This is the foresteps to continue with pimp agent.

Long ago.. It was maintained and going well.. problems came and it died. Now to revive it.