Unit Testing Framework - XSLT

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Unit Testing Framework - XSLT (UTF-X) is a JUnit extension for testing XSLT stylesheets.




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utfc - small portable code for unicode handling

Despite the fact that there are many ways to transform Unicode, there are cases where existing tools can not handle this task properly. Instruments provided by operating systems are not portable and large libraries like libiconv or icu are to big and generic to handle only this task. In my opinion utfcpp project http://utfcpp.sourceforge.net is the best solutions for such problems, but unfortunately it is not possible to use it with C. The aim of this project is to provide an easy and portable C

UTF-X Doc - An XML Documentation System

UTF-X Doc is a very simple XML documentation package (similar to DocBook but much, much simpler). UTF-X Doc has special features for documenting XML systems.

Pdfwp - A CGI program for rendering PDF documents from WordPress posts

At current stage, only simplified and traditional Chinese (and of cause English) PDF and LaTeX source files are generated, however, you can add your own languages by changing settings in the configuration section of source code. System requirement: Encoding of WP tables in database has to be UTF-8 Utilities: latex, pdflatex, iconv(convertion between UTF-8 and GBK/Big5) and zh-autoconvert (for convertion between S.Chinese and T.Chinese) LaTeX packages: CJK, amssymb, amsmath, indentfirst, hyperref

Dmnapi - Enigma2 plugin for Dreambox: napiprojekt.pl & napisy24.pl client

Enigma2 plugin DMnapi analyzes video files held on disk (pendrive), retrieves them from the Polish subtitles database: http://www.napiprojekt.pl http://www.napisy24.pl and converts them SRT UTF8. GUI integration: BPBrowser Gemini2 5.x FileBrowser Gemini3 Dreamexplorer 6.x

Dolphin-player - Audio and Video Player for Android

Dolphin PlayerAudio/Video Player for Android based on FFmpeg. Plays most of the audio and video file formats. Supports android devices with ARM and X86 architecture FeaturesSupports subtitles from various subtitle file formats(srt, sub, utf, utf8..) Supports player on screen controls (play, pause, forward, rewind, aspect ratio buttons) Supports unicode subtitles(Languages like Chinese, Japanese, French are supported) Supports Http live streaming (m3u8) Supports web mp3 links ContributionsAll sor

Jquery-dropj - A jQuery plugin to add drop caps (large floating initial capital letters) to (X)HTML

jquery.dropjdropJ is a jQuery plugin to add drop caps—large floated initial capital letters—to (X)HTML content. dropJ is easy to use, just like jQuery, portable, working purely on text, robust, with targeted currying to find the right character(s) to make into a drop cap, and universal, working on languages which are usually displayed in utf-8 text like Chinese. Demo/API/test page. jQuery project page.

Php5-utf8 - PHP5 UTF-8 is a UTF-8 aware library of functions mirroring PHP's own string function

PHP5 UTF-8 is a UTF-8 aware library of functions mirroring PHP's own string functionsThe powerful solution/contribution for UTF-8 support in your framework/CMS, written on PHP. This library is advance of http://sourceforge.net/projects/phputf8 (last updated in 2007). UTF-8 support in PHP 5. Features and benefits Compatibility with the interface standard PHP functions that deal with single-byte encodings Ability to work without PHP extensions ICONV and MBSTRING, if any, that are actively used! Us

Hanzi2tghz - Converting Hanzi to Hanzi with Tones

hanzi2tghz (Hanzi 2 Tone Graphed Hanzi)hanzi2tghz takes Hanzi(汉字)and searches through a dictionary to find the tones for each word or character. This is then used to automatically generate a Word file or LaTeX code that puts tone graphs above the characters. UsageDownload the hanzi2tghz executable Download the UTF-8 version of the Dictionary, and extract Run hanzi2tghz and load the dictionary file, if it is in a different directory Select a tone corrections file, if needed (see ToneCorre

xMarkup Text Transformation Utility

xMarkup is a text transformation utility for batch-processing of a set of ANSI/UTF-8 text files. All Win-32 and POSIX/UNIX platforms.

Ude - C# port of Mozilla Universal Charset Detector

Ude is a C# port of Mozilla Universal Charset Detector. The article "A composite approach to language/encoding detection" describes the charsets detection algorithms implemented by the library. Ude can recognize the following charsets: UTF-8 UTF-16 (BE and LE) UTF-32 (BE and LE) windows-1252 (mostly equivalent to iso8859-1) windows-1251 and ISO-8859-5 (cyrillic) windows-1253 and ISO-8859-7 (greek) windows-1255 (logical hebrew. Includes ISO-8859-8-I and most of x-mac-hebrew) ISO-8859-8 (visual he