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uSTL is a partial implementation of the STL that reduces code size by factoring memory management code into a non-template base class and deriving containers from it.



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Avrstl - STL containers for the AVR microcontroller

Basic STL container and utility classes for the WinAVR platform. AVRSTL is based on uSTL. Due to the limitations of the platform (for example no support for RTTI or exceptions) only the container classes shall be considered for the port.

Eustl - port of the ustl library for epoc

this is a port of the ustl library for epoc. Work is ongoing.

ustl - ustl mirror (see no-exceptions branch)

ustl mirror (see no-exceptions branch)


Modifications for using uSTL on embedded platforms. NOTE: Not finished, not tested - probably doesn't work.

USTL-stu-online - 辽宁科技大学学生在线 (BETA 版)

辽宁科技大学学生在线 (BETA 版)

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