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usic [Uniform Services Irc Client] is an automatic IRC Client (bot) with the abillity of use custom made plugins.



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Limpa2k - A neat little foobar2000 lookalike!

This is a neat little music player written in c++, qt and fmod. Limpa2k is a acronym for LI ttle M usic P l A yer 2000. And by the way: It looks alot like the lovely little music player for Windows - called foobar2000. EDIT: Source code is on it's way, need to comment a bunch of stuff before release.

Muiplayer - Cross platform media player written using Qt and FMOD

MUIMUI, MUI mUsic Interface, is an open-source cross platform media player written using Qt and FMOD. Current status:version 0.0.3 (source) Public versions: 0.0.2 (binaries) CompilingLinux: Download and copy the FMOD .so files to /usr/lib and execute the 'makeall' script in the root MUI directory. Windows: Download and install FMOD. Run the 'makeall.bat' file. Known Issues:0.0.3: Some features broken due to code overhaul (fixed) Does not accept/render files with unicode filenames For some files,


my tumblr video player

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