User Manage

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User Manage is a module which could be included into any project. Created so developers can build applications with standard user authentication, and the ability to add extra functionality with drop in modules.



Related Projects

Educational-usermanagement-system - usermanagement system for a project at the BA Mannheim, Germany

educational usermanagement systemThis is an educational project of 7 students at the BA Mannheim, Germany. Its aim is to create an usermanagement system, which allows to organize users in groups and to search users/groups. Also project management documents and quality assurance methodologies, like unit tests, will be applied. It will be implemented in java.

Eum - PHP Extensible User Management Library

Handles user authentication, session management

Zendexam - This is user management web application using zend framework

This is user management web application using zend framework. This is just a example.

Soplum - Service Oriented Plone User Management

Soplum stands for "Service-Oriented Plone User Management", an application which aims to integrate the full power of Plone CMS with a simplified and centralized interface for management of users through the use of specialized services.

Summ - Simple User Management Module manages user accounts and access rights to resources

A user management module for Java applications. Any JPA implementation can be used for data persistence. The scope of this module is management of user data, user authentication and management of permissions to access abstract resources.

Plogin - PHP Login System

PLogin: a PHP login system that is database independent. PLogin is a user-management system complete with registration and login scripts written purely in PHP. In fact, PHP is all it requires to run. It needs absolutely no database, no extra libraries, and no specific server-side software. Despite its simplicity, PLogin also provides a layer of security so that the average computer-savvy internet user cannot exploit its defenses. No coding knowledge is required to use PLogin and it will eventual

Visualusermanager - This user control is used to do complete user management in web based applicatio

This is user control, which can be include in your webbased .net project (I didnot yet thought about other langauge/platform posibilities). This is will available through toolbar in visual studio .NET IDE and can use as drag drop component. Features: 1. complete user management including registration, userlogin, forgot password, and feedback interface. 2. customized interface through HTML and CSS. 3. Can easily configure for database

Museek-Plus: Soulseek Client and Daemon

Museek-Plus is a program-suite for the C++ museek daemon, a Soulseek/Soulfind P2P client. It includes the QT GUI, Museeq, and the Python/Curses TUI, Mucous. It supports chat, transferring files, searching, user-management shares browsing and more.

Tobi's Download Server

TDS is a PHP/MySQL solution for providing Document and/or Data downloads in a categorized way. It has comprehensive methods for user-management (viewing and adding files or categories, deleting them and user management rights are treated separately).

kMagic CMS

kMagic is an open source based content management system, using php and MySQL and comes with a bunch of modules (e.g. shop module, rss feeds, fulltext search, sitemap, restricted areas, etc.) and features a highly scalable user-management for publishers.