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Related Projects

Lorp2 - Legend of the Red Python II

Legend of the Red Python IILORP II is a modern multiplayer terminal based game which bears close resemblance to the classic BBS door game LORD II, originally written by Seth Able Robinson. The program is designed to run as a daemon primarily on unix-like systems, which users connect to through telnet in a Unicode enabled terminal of their choice. Currently, the project only includes code and little game data. This can be obtained from a registered copy of LORD II, or a game world can be assemble

Matrixcontrol - OpenSource HTPC Software for Graphical VFD's

Graphical VFD's have the potential to be really useful for HTPC's, except there's currently no good (opensource) software available. We will support several displays and offer plugin support to extend the functionality even further. People skilled/experienced with coding for vfd's or a vast collection are always welcome to join the team. Scope: - Windows MCE/MediaPortal/XMBC Support - Digital/Analog (world) clock - Weather station - Equalizer - Control HTPC through VFD - Usermade plugin support

Lost-labyrinth-portals - Roguelike roleplaying game

Lost Labyrinth: Portals is a coffee-break roguelike game written in Purebasic. Game features: Nice graphics; smooth scrolling randomly generated dungeons a large skill tree (including spells and special powers) character gains experience by reaching new dungeon levels, not by killing monsters all game data (maps, character abilities, powers, spells, monsters, items) is stored in external XML files and can be modified without changing the code graphical map editor for easy creation of user-made m

Node-Telegram-Bot - A fully-customizable Node.js Telegram Bot which supports user-made plugins

A fully-customizable Node.js Telegram Bot which supports user-made plugins