User authentication against active directory

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Portable tool, winform. Check user name and password against active directory. Green software (no installation).



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Ci-userauth - CodeIgniter User Authentication System

This Project is a User Authentication System for the popular PHP Framework CodeIgniter. Built to be flexible just like the popular framework it works with.

Libssh - A lib for ssh protocol

About SSHSecure Shell (SSH) is a protocol for secure remote login and other secure network services over an insecure network. It consists of three major components: The Transport Layer Protocol SSH-TRANS provides server authentication, confidentiality, and integrity. It may optionally also provide compression. The transport layer will typically be run over a TCP/IP connection, but might also be used on top of any other reliable data stream. The User Authentication Protocol SSH-USERAUTH authentic

Django-ldapbackend - An LDAP Backend for Django.

Django LDAP Backend (django_ldapbackend)Installation1. You will require Django and LDAP. ( easy_install django ; apt-get install slapd ) 2. Install this (easy_install should do it). ( easy_install django-ldapbackend ) 3. Add the following to your without the comments: AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS = ( 'django_ldapbackend.LDAPBackend', 'django.contrib.auth.backends.ModelBackend',)This is the LDAP Backend with the default as fallback. 4. Add the following settings to your, custom

Pweasel - web component library for legacy php 4.0 installations

PWeasel was a web component library tested under php 4.0 and it is not ready for production. I created it because i have an old server and a project based on that environment to maintain and no major framework works on such old platform. The design is very simple, web/mysql centric, and somehow modular but fast, simple, flexible. it provides: php based templating some view helper function, table and form over all action based module controler, with no front controllers at all configuration, base

Gord - GORD: Generic Open RPC Daemon

StatusGORD code is open sourced and available for mass consumption. Code tests are not yet released, though we plan to release them soon. We assure you GORD has extensive testing with > 95% test coverage in unit and integration tests. Please check back soon! For GORD discussion, please join ObjectiveProvide a server, offering an open API to interact with Microsoft® System Center Configuration Manager® (SCCM), formerly known as Microsoft® System Management Server


Example Hobo application that uses hobo_omniauth with the UserAuth strategy

tuner - WDI3 Project (Advanced Rails, Database, UserAuth)

WDI3 Project (Advanced Rails, Database, UserAuth)

userauth - Django authentication backend for ES LICEU

Django authentication backend for ES LICEU

user_auth - Authorization/registration routines

Authorization/registration routines

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