Use Case Maker

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Use Case Maker helps software developers to write organized use cases and to maintain related requirements.



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Ucm2asciidoc - Conversion of UseCaseMaker file to human-readable formats (html, pdf, etc.) using Asc

Table of ContentsTable of ContentsSummaryScript toolExampleGenerating HTMLGenerating PDFDownloading and Installation SummaryThis is a Python library and script to convert UseCaseMaker 2.0 file to different formats via AsciiDoc. Use Case Maker is an OpenSource program written on C#, that helps system developers to easily write Use Cases. The Use Cases may then be exported as reports, although their format is fixed and can't be customized. There is no chance to include the Use Cases generated in s

Pyfilemaker - PyFileMaker - Python Object Wrapper for FileMaker Server XML Interface

PyFileMaker - Python Interface for FileMakerPyFileMaker is a set of Python modules that makes it easy to access and modify data stored in a FileMaker Server database. It uses XML data interchange trough Custom Web Publishing functionality of the server. It acts as Object Relational Mapper for existing FileMaker database. You can use it to query a FileMaker database, but you can also use it to add data to a FileMaker database, you can even use it to delete records and execute FileMaker scripts. I

Makerator - Easy CMS and Learning Tool for Lasso

Introducing MakeratorOverviewMakerator is an easy to use CMS for Lasso that has a secret identity: it doubles an environment within which those new to web development with Lasso can get up and running, and fast. Available March 2008We anticipate an alpha release date of mid February, and a 1.0 of Mid-to-late March, 2008. ListThere is a discussion list for the Makerator project. More About MakeratorBe productive, fastIt has been designed to be powerful enough to use in a production setting, while

Princeoflawyers1 - Prince of Lawyers - An Ace Attorney Fangame

Join Tyray Prince, the fresh out of law school attorney, as he takes on cases and fights to find the truth behind seemingly open and shut "facts". Investigate crime scenes, collect evidence, and then take it all to court to prove your client innocent! Prince of Lawyers is an Ace Attorney fangame developed in Java 6 with the Slick game engine. It is actually comprised of 2 components: jCaseMaker and Prince of Lawyers itself. jCaseMaker is a game engine I'm writing to simplify the making of Ace At

Aeon--nox - A skin for XBMC

Aeon Nox uses almost all views from the original Aeon skin and it's mods and textures from the theme Black. The Confluence skin by Jezz_X was the base for this skin. All credit to the makers of these skins and mods. Only English language supported. Home screen: Carousel: DVD Cases: Posters: BigFan: InfoWall: Landscape: Panel: LowList: Wall: List: Showcase: Fullscreen Info:

Astroalgo - Jean Meeus' Astronomical Algorithms

Ages ago I coded-up a handful of Jean Meeus' Astronomical Algorithms (from the book of the same name) in PERL then C, then C++, then JavaScript, and finally C#. All that code is now scattered around on various backup disc. This is an attempt to organize it again. Unfortunately, I'm discovering that the files even within the same language are from various versions, and in some cases I lost the last version. So as I find stuff, I am putting it here. The first thing I plan to do is a unit test case

Legionofthedead - RM2K Tech Demo with zombies.

RPG Maker 2000 can be used to do many things other than RPG's, and this project is my way of exploiting them to all the RM2K devs (still) out there. The project 'Legion Of The Dead' will be a game utilizing many (if not all) of my RM2K techniques, and I will use it also as a tech demo for the techniques which are as follows : - In game shooting system - Day Night Clock system - In Game custom menu(s) - Full keyboard and mouse support - MP3 Support - Custom splash (intro) screens - Custom fonts a

Grantmaker - A business system for foundations and non profit organizations who grant funds and meas

Grantmaker is a system to help organizations grant money and measure the results of the grant. The project attempts to solve a few known issues in the grantmaking space: Organizations rarely have the capacity to design, build and deploy technology to manage grants. While money may not be a problem, time most definitely is at a premium. Many organizations need to deploy a solution quickly in order to modernize their grantmaking processes. While grant processes appear to be unique to every grantma

Paintmap - Given a map, the MapMaker must color the map using the least number of colors

You have just been hired by a cartography company, and your first task is to help them with a map they are trying to make. The owner of the company thinks it should always be possible to color a map using only four colors (such that no touching states have the same color), but so far they have been unable to do so with the map of Familyland. This is quite important to him, as he can print maps using four colors of ink for only $0.00001 per square millimeter. Each additional ink, however, has a b

Our-student-access-module - Allowing students to enter their own data into iR Keystone via FileMaker

In cases where students are the authoritative source of data (community service log hours, off-campus pass requests, course requests, etc.), this FileMaker IWP (Instant Web Publishing) project creates a web-based UI for students to enter that data for use by iR's Keystone system.

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