USC ROS Packages

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The USC ROS packages project offers algorithms and drivers for the robotics projects underway in the labs at the University of Southern California. These packages are for use with the ROS software infrastructure (



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Seabee3-ros-pkg - Utilities, drivers, and documentation for SeaBee3, USC's autonomous underwater

IntroThis package is intended for use with ROS diamondback and contains all components for the SeaBee3 robot; this includes custom drivers for the robot as well as wrappers for sensors such as the XSens MTi IMU. The code is maintained by Edward T. Kaszubski and other members of the software team for the USC Competition Robotics Team, underwater division. Getting StartedTo get started, check out one of the following pages: Project Introduction - an overview of the team, the project, and the compe

Uscrs - USC Robotics Society

This site hosts the documentation, source code, schematics, and hardware diagrams for various various projects by the USC Robotics Society. The official USCRS website can be found at Currently, the society has subdivided into two separate teams: Aerial Robotics Team (ART)The ART was initiated in 2009 by USCRS members' desire to venture into unmanned aerial vehicles. In its first year, the team had more than 15 active members coming from aerospace, mechanical, electrical, co