USB-Stick unplug

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It's a GUI frontend for the RemoveDrive. This is a application who you can simply remove usb-sticks.



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Dev2net - Network enable your local devices

Why I am a PC controlled quality testers integrator and many times I am unable to unplug/detach devices from testers and have to develop standing in from them. Testing of serial protocols and IO control sequences is best performed isolated from GUI stuff from within an scripting environment. I also very much prefer working on my Ubuntu laptop over the Windows box these testers have. So I desperately need a tool to remotely control and script opto22 snappac and rs232 devices. Dev2net is to be tha

Mythpywii - A Wii remote (wiimote) interface to MythTV

MythPyWiiA Wii remote (wiimote) interface to MythTV, written in Python. This project uses MythFrontend's telnet interface combined with the CWiiD python interface to allow you to control MythTV using your Wii Remote. Trouble shootingTypeError: wmcb() takes exactly 2 arguments (3 given)You're using a more recent version of CWiiD - simple fix:The fix is simple – change line 141: def wmcb(self, messages):to: def wmcb(self, messages, timeIgnore):Thanks to Mike H for pointing out this issue. No blu

Awesomeos-usb - a OS for your flash drive

AwesomeOS 10.09 is coming. A OS Piled High With Everything you need just extract to your flash drive and run the app Works on any Windows PC When you unplug the flash drive everything is on the flash drive imagine you added to your bookmarks on the awesomeos browser you cut off the browser & unplug the flash drive The Bookmark is still on the flash drive! Minimum Requirements Windows 2000 400mb+ of ram a flash drive 350mb or more

Prs-recollect - A folder-hierarchy based collection generator for Sony Portable Reader System

Generate PRS ebook collections based on folder hierarchy. Limitation/RequirementAt current stage, it only works for ebooks stored on SD and directories must have following structure: SD root -Sony Reader -database cache.xml -books -collectionname1 book1.pdf -collectionname2 book2.epub book3.txt (etc)How to use?First time use: Download the latest Windows binary from the download page. Make sure you are not running Sony's Ebook Library or other ebook management software on PC, then plug your PRS t

Hal-autofs - Get that auto-unmount feeling with removable media

You know how annoying it is to have to remember to unmount your USB Thumb drive before you unplug it? Don't you wish Linux had some mechanism by which the system could realize you're no longer using it and auto unmount it for you? Oh wait. It does. autofs. This daemon runs in two modes, depending on it's UID: System Listens to HAL via DBUS, and edits /etc/auto.hal, creating lines for each removeable device that's added to the system and HUPing autofs User Listens to HAL via DBUS, and created .de

Cll-iap - IAP.framework replacement and switch for BossPrefs on iPhone

This "replacement" framework is a modified version of Apple's IAP.framework, a framework that monitors and controls the dock connector on Apple iPhone and iPod Touch handheld devices. The modification is essentially a switch added in to disable this framework as a user pleases. Uses for this switch are as follows: - Current "fix" for "This accessory is not compatible for iPhone" message, which may be caused by one of the following: + A damaged dock connecter that cannot be fixed du

Android-on-pre - Android on Palm Pre

Let Palm Pre run AndroidIf you have a HP Veer, you may want to try Android on Veer you like git, you can git clone from here: Kernel source code is available. Config for android-on-pre is omap_palmpre_defconfig. Please repo the Android source code from I don't have any changes for it. Build it using "make TARGET_ARCH_VARIANT=armv7-a ARCH_ARM_HAVE_TLS_REGISTER=true" Thank k3dar in http

Microbridge - Android Debug Bridge (ADB) implementation for microcontrollers.

Note: Microbridge is provided as-is. I do not have the time to provide personal support. Please do not contact me with questions unless you are absolutely certain that a) you know what you are doing and b) your problem is related to Microbridge directly. Thank you for your understanding. What's this?MicroBridge is an Android Debug Bridge (ADB) implementation for microcontrollers. MicroBridge allows stock, unrooted Android devices to talk directly to USB host enabled MCUs, thereby enabling phones

Gpsd-4-win - GPSd for Windows

GPSd is required by several Open Source programs that deal with GPS receivers: navit, viking, gpsdrive, GMapCatcher ... only to name a few. Unfortunately, the GPSd website states: "No, we don't support Windows — get a better operating system." ; However, with an installed cygwin you can run GPSd under Windows. InstallationInstalling GPSd on Windows is now very simple: Just download and run the latest installer Starting GPSdStop ALL programs using the GPS receiver. Launch "GPSd for Windows" you

Navman-my30-unlock - WinCE unlock for the Navman MY30 GPS navigation device

"Navman Unlock" for MY-30by Corwin Willys, 14th March 2010Updated: January 2011 for the new Navman MY series MY-30 This project allows the Navman MY-30 to run amazing extra software natively, including: GPS Tacho Core Video Player mp3 player Navigation TomTom iGo Navigon Destinator Amigo OziExplorer This project is coded specifically for the new Navman MY Series MY-30 device which is WinCE 5.0 based and runs in 320x240 resolution. Simple to install - up and running in less than three minutes. No