USB-TWI Interface

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This project shows how to make a device that, through the PC USB interface, allows data acquisition from the peripherals of a microcontroller and managing devices TWI or I2C. It can be used on Linux and Windows without any additional driver.



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Usb2i2c - usb bus to i2c bus adapter

Using the USB2I2C chip as USB to I2C (5V OR 3.3V System) bus adapter,PC host software is VC6.0,VB6.0,Delphi... USB2I2C: USB转I2C/IIC/TWI/SMBUS专用芯片 USB2I2C是一个USB总线转I2C总线 (I2C/IIC/TWI/SMBUS)的接�芯片,通过USB2I2C芯片�以�常方便地实现PC机USB总线和下�机端I2C接�(�IIC或TWI总线:SCL 线�SDA 线)之间的通信。 USB2I2C芯片上�机PC端�供简�易用的USBIOX.DLL动�库调用,�以方便地被VB,VC等上�机开

Wii-ext-to-usb - Convert Wii extension controllers to standard USB HID

Make Nintendo Wii extension controller talk to other devices which support standard USB HID game controllers. Uses Atmel AVR atmega168 microcontroller. Features: Emulates USB HID Game controller, no drivers in Windows Auto detects nunchuck or classic controller (CC) on power-up Button mapping for classic controller compatible with PS3 Limitations: PS home button doesn’t work on PS3 Joysticks are not calibrated Only left shoulder pressure axis on classic controller is sent to USB Nunchuck accel

attiny861_1_usb - Fork of attiny861_1 with usb (v-usb) instead of twi.

Fork of attiny861_1 with usb (v-usb) instead of twi.

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