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This project makes it possible to switch 8 LEDS over a USB connection. It indicates the CPU work or animations. The following page contains the schematic, firmware ...



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Magnificent-mood-machine - Sanguino firmware and GUI controller software for LED matrices based on t

This software drives up to 16 daisy-chained TLC5940-based circuits each driving up to 40 RGB LEDs to create computer-controlled light shows. Extends the basic TLC Arduino driver by Alex Leone. Allows for control of an LED matrix using a standard language of serial commands. Current features include scrolling text, draw-on-matrix control, keyboard hotkeys and realtime music visualization. The system is intended to be a simpler and less expensive alternative to other open source LED projects. We b


powermated is a program for controlling and monitoring your computer with the Griffin PowerMate USB dial. It can also update the PowerMate's LED based on a number of events including system mixer volume, CPU usage, XMMS/BMP sound output, and more!

Gmailusbnotifier - Gmail USB Notifier

Simple python script to control the USB Webmail Notifier from DealExtreme

Avr-usb-rgb-led - Firmware for a USB controlled, ATTiny45 microcontroller, software PWM of three LED

Firmware for a USB controlled, ATTiny45 microcontroller, software PWM of three LEDs See my blog for build information There are no downloads for this project. To get the source and makefiles for programming see the Source tab.

Linkm - LinkM -- BlinkM controller / programmer and general USB-to-I2C adapter

LinkM is a USB-to-I2C adapter designed for controlling and programming BlinkM smart LEDs.

Mythpywii - A Wii remote (wiimote) interface to MythTV

MythPyWiiA Wii remote (wiimote) interface to MythTV, written in Python. This project uses MythFrontend's telnet interface combined with the CWiiD python interface to allow you to control MythTV using your Wii Remote. Trouble shootingTypeError: wmcb() takes exactly 2 arguments (3 given)You're using a more recent version of CWiiD - simple fix:The fix is simple – change line 141: def wmcb(self, messages):to: def wmcb(self, messages, timeIgnore):Thanks to Mike H for pointing out this issue. No blu

Ledsign - Control an LED sign

Control an LED sign that has the ability to be updated using an open protocol. The message to be displayed on the sign can be updated programmatically. For example, the LED Sign below has an open protocol and can be interfaced using an RS232 to USB adapter; Pro-Lite Single Line LED Sign TruColorII (Model Number PL-M2014).

Sflgtc - Seagate FreeAgent Led and Timeout Controller for Linux

Control the Led and Idle timeout of the Seagate FreeAgent External Usb Disk ( tested on the 500GB one ) Based on libusb-1.0. May required changes if your arch is big endian. Let me know about that. Test Device: 0bc2:3008 Seagate RSS LLC Please, let me know if it worked, and better if it not. Would be glad to add support to other devices.

Rainbowduino-firmware - Rainbowduino Firmware 3

Rainbowduino Firmware 3A new firmware for RainbowduinoThis firmware goes beyond the actual firmware v2.0beta (RaibowduinoCMD_Bata) delivered with the hardware. It implements a proper command architecture to control the led matrix display. Main Featuresdouble-buffering synced with refresh rate 4 auxiliary buffers hi-level instruction set multiple controlled hardware I2C communication protocol permanent data storage in Eprom DownloadThe latest version is 3.0h released on June 8th, 2010. Download:

Arduino-ptpusb - Control ptp enabled cameras over usb with the arduino

OverviewThis arduino sketch uses the ptp-usb protocol to control a digital camera. The Camera is connected via a vinculum Host-Controller. The prototyp consists out of Arduino Pro mini (5V Version with ATMEL 168) VDIP1 from FTDI an optional SRF02 sensor for measuring the distance of an object in front of the sensor The user interface is implemented via 3 Buttons, two LEDs and an on/off switch with integrated red status led. I have implemented the following functions Remote trigger (one short pre