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USARSim (Unified System for Automation and Robot Simulation) is a high-fidelity simulation of robots and environments based on the Unreal Tournament game engine. It is intended as a research tool and is the basis for the RoboCup rescue virtual robot comp



Related Projects


The Mobility Open Architecture Simulation and Tools (MOAST) framework aids in the development of autonomous robots. It includes an architecture, control modules, interface specs, and data sets and is fully integrated with the USARSim simulation system.

Ardabot4j - Ardabot4j is an open source autonomous vehicle controller written in Java to work in the

Ardabot4j is an open source autonomous vehicle controller written in Java created to work in the simulated environment USARSim. USARSim also aimed to provide robot developers with basic sensor, visualization, mapping features that sits on top of the popular game Unreal Tournament 2004 physical engine.

Centenarycontroller - A controller program for USARSim written in Java.

Due to our own difficulties in finding a suitable controller for USARSim, we are attempting to create a controller program written in Java. The three main components of this project are the ImageWriter, SensorGather, and AI components which have all been made with the P2AT robot in mind. We hope to eventually expand the functionality to more easily include other robots and their sensors. The ImageWriter creates a simple map of the robot's surroundings as it perceives them. The mapping system uti

Usarsim-parrot-ar-drone - Implementation of the Parrot AR.DRONE in the USARSim environment.

A model for the Parrot AR.DRONE for use in the USARSim environment. See

Rubyusarsim - USARsimã�«ãƒ¬ã‚¹ã‚­ãƒ¥ãƒ¼ãƒ­ãƒœãƒƒãƒˆãƒ�ームを実行ã�™ã‚‹ãƒ—ログラムã�®é–‹ç™ºã

「RubyUSARsimã€�ã�¨ã�¯ã€�  Ruby言語を利用ã�—ã€�USARsimã�«æ¤œç´¢ãƒ­ãƒœãƒƒãƒˆãƒ�ームを実行ã�™ã‚‹ãƒ—ログラムã�®é–‹ç™ºã‚’支æ�´ã�™ã‚‹SDK(Software Development Kit)ã�§ã�‚る。  ã�“ã�®ãƒ„ールキットを利用ã�™ã‚‹ã�“ã�¨ã�«ã‚ˆã�£ã�¦ã€� ãƒ�ットワークやロボット制御ã�ªã�©è©³ã�—ã�„知識ã�Œã�ªã��ã�¦ã‚‚ã€�人工知能や通信工学ã�ªã�©å�„自ã�®å¾—æ„�分野ã�®çŸ¥è­˜ã‚’利用ã�—ã�¦ã€�ロボットã�®é–‹ç™ºã�«å�”力ã�§ã��る。 Rubyã�®è¨€èªžã�§ãƒ—ログラミングã�Œã�

Usarsim-smoke-fire - Creation and detection of fire and smoke in USARSim

As part of our Masters programme at the University of Amsterdam, we are working to improve the Urban Search and Rescue Simulation (USARSim) software. This software is used for the RoboCup Rescue league ( We are adding smoke to the simulation, and aim to simulate the behavior of the laser scanners at a reasonable level of detail. So far, we have made smoke in a number of different ways, each of which has a different application in the simulation: Global smoke: the w

Occam-rescue - Development of Fire Fighting Rescue Robots in Occam-PI

Our project investigates the feasibility of using native parallel languages for the construction of effective robotic controllers and the evolution of new controllers using genetic programming techniques. Our research will proceed in two phases. First we will immerse ourselves in a specific, real world robotics task: finding and extinguishing a candle within a physical model of a home environment for the Trinity College Fire Fighting Home Robot Contest. This competition attracts teams from aroun

usarsim-ros - ROS interface to Usarsim using UDK

ROS interface to Usarsim using UDK


Analyzed data from experiments that involved controlling multiple robots to detect victims using USARsim. Converted raw data into desired format. Compared the result with the videos of the experiments, and performed various analysis on the data.