Unextensible Ruined Tongue

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Unextensible Ruined Tongue intended to represent a hierarcial data as a 8bit char text no charset. ANY quot;binaryquot; or quot;textualquot; data may be represented or marked-up as well. Extremely low redundance. Very fast parser. Parser interface is similar to SAX.




Related Projects

Urtrad - Tool for logging and monitoring Urban Terror servers.

urtRAD, a Remote Administrative Database (and interface) for Urban Terror 4.1 servers. Currently its just a prototype, but it provides logging and search of player data to assist in management of the server. Additional features are planned and some are partially implemented. More information and screenshots can be found in the Wiki. Please note this project is no longer under active development as I don't have the time to continue it. (Also, I no longer play much Urban Terror)

Urt-server-admin-bot - UrbanTerror Server Extension Bot in PHP by RaideR

UrbanTerror is a free first person shooter game for all platforms based on the ioQuake3 engine. RaideR has extended the features or the server by a completely seperate running PHP Bot Service.

Urte - unobtrusive jQuery-based rich text editor

Yet another JavaScript WYSIWYG online editor written as an jQuery plugin, lightweight and cross-platform as much as possible. It's more like try to check oneself than providing full featured solution. PROJECT IS CURRENTLY SUSPENDED! USAGE IN PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT IS STRONGLY DISCOURAGED! Visit SegfautlLabs website for more details and other projects. Also, there's quite promising WYMeditor (web-based WYSIWYM XHTML) editor on the horizon, which is also jQuery plugin.

Urtsb - UrTSB - a Game Server Browser for the FPS Urban Terror

UrTSB is a Game Server Browser for the FPS Urban Terror ( http://www.urbanterror.info ) targeted to run on Linux and Windows (Mac-Users: if you manage to get Python 2.6 and PyGTK running UrTSB should also work on MacOS). Features: server search (master server query) filter results (including UrT specific gametypes) display server details - players (with kills, ping) and server vars manage favorites - add/remove servers to a favorites list buddylist - manage a buddylist and search servers your bu

Dbot2 - Gameserver Control Bot

this software allows you to control several things on your gameserver. you can give selected players admin rights without giving them an rcon password, you can make automatic gameserver messages in a time period (crom messages), disallow weapons, permanent ban (also after changing ip address) and many more. the dbot2 is completely written in php. it uses simple commands, easy to read classes, inline comments, no complex coding, so anyone who know a bit of the php language and can read php.net/ma

1upmodrcon - Rcon/Mod Tool for Urban Terror written in Java

1up ModRconAbout1up ModRcon is a remote server administration tool for the popular first person shooter Urban Terror. The latest version is which was released on July 26th, 2010 for Windows. On August 15, 2010 this project was created to port 1up ModRcon to Java so that that it can be used cross-platform (i.e. Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.). 1up ModRcon is created and intended for use by members of the Urban Terror clan 1up (1upclan.info). Some of the built-in features are intended to contro

Urt-bumpy-q3map2 - Urban Terror Bumpy Map Compiler

This is the mapper tool that allows people to compile maps for use with the Bumpy Engine.

Urtstats - A statistics generator for Urban Terror

An Urban terror stats generator write in C++ with standart library and libmysql++ for the generation of stats. The interface with server's user is make with PHP5.

Urt-bumpy-engine - UrbanTerror Bumpy Engine by TwentySeven

This is the public SVN for TwentySeven's work on the the old school idtech 3 engine based on the specific branch ioquake3. This is the planned next generation engine for the game Urban Terror. The homepage of this project is www.urbanterror.info, you can ask for support or contract TwentySeven through this website.

Uscrs - USC Robotics Society

This site hosts the documentation, source code, schematics, and hardware diagrams for various various projects by the USC Robotics Society. The official USCRS website can be found at http://www.uscrs.org. Currently, the society has subdivided into two separate teams: Aerial Robotics Team (ART)The ART was initiated in 2009 by USCRS members' desire to venture into unmanned aerial vehicles. In its first year, the team had more than 15 active members coming from aerospace, mechanical, electrical, co