Ultimate Remote Prank

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This is a nice project that will allow you to remotly prank another person's computer.




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Vo-urp - Generating usable representations from UML data models in VO context

The title of this project (urp) stands for UML Representation Pipeline. We define and implement transformation rules that translate data models expressed in a restricted subset of UML2 to physical representations such as XML schemas & documents, relational database schema and Java codes. The generated Java code uses JPA and JAXB annotations to translate between the XML and relational database representations to define a simple CRUD interface (get, upload, validate) for a complete graph of object

Cursomodelado - Curso modelado de la maestría de informática de la URP

Curso modelado de la maestría de informática de la URP

Crest-memory - make improvement on crest with new memory model

hope to make improvement on open source testing tool crest this project is proposed as undergraduate research participation program (URP) in KAIST, Korea

Volute - Inter-project repository for the VO

volute: a shared repository for the VO The volute repository is intended to act as an area for inter-project collaboration between participants in the IVOA. Joint work on ad-hoc projects can be a bit of a fuss if participants don't come from the same group (such as AstroGrid, Euro-VO, NVO, and so on), and so can't easily get access to a common code repository; and sometimes wikis just aren't enough. Slices currently here: The Semantics group's vocabulary project, /projects/vocabularies; Norman G

Lister - In a GUI interface, connect to various data sources via a connection list, edit and execute

Project DescriptionThis is a free, GUI SQL script editor, processor and test runner written in C++ using the U++ free toolkit. It is primarily designed as a tool for Business Analysts on a Database/Warehouse Procurement team. Primary FeatureMainly: fast connection, easy reconnecting, retention of all scripts, systematical storing and running of script as logged tests, and access to other non-SQL sources in a consistent interface. Also easy management of massive number of connections and password

URP - homework for "Database application"

homework for "Database application"


A Cacti template for monitoring the disk space and temperature of QNAP ts-859u-rp+ NAS.

URP - Temple University Undergraduate Research Program Fall 2012

Temple University Undergraduate Research Program Fall 2012


LDA_CF is a c/c++ implementation of URP model(Modeling User Rating Profiles for Collaborative Filtering, Benjamin Marlin) using Gibbs sampling.