Url-shortener-plugin - Short URL services integration plugin for WordPress

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URL Shortener allows you to generate shortlinks for post/pages using URL Shorteners (e.g. Bit.ly, Su.pr and many others), with a few additional features. Please check your settings when upgrading to Version 4.0 from previous versions prior to it. What's New with 4.0 QR Code Support (using Google Chart API) Additional Shorteners (Goo.gl, dlvr.it, yourls) Nice ID links with QR Code (i.e. http://your_site/123.qr) Version 4.0 features completely refactored code once again. Now includes classes which allows developers to easily extend the plugin. Features: Automatic generation of a Short URL/Shortlinks Cached Shortlink - thus generated only once. Choose to generate shortlinks using permalinks or the posts ID (e.g. http://your_site/index.php?p=123). Relatively extensive shortlink support Action Hooks available for other plugins to utilize generated shortlinks (From Ver 3.0 Onwards) Nice ID links - http://your_site/123 instead of http://your_site/index.php?p=123 Shortcode support (Ver 3.1): Place shortlink in your article where you want to display the shortened url. Append a link to short URL below your post content (Ver 3.1.1) Refer to the documentation/wiki page at http://wiki.fusedthought.com/docs/url-shortener-wordpress-plugin for more information (eg. installation guide and known issues etc). Services currently supported are: goo.gl (beta) bit.ly tinyurl is.gd Su.pr snipurl / Snurl / Snipr / Sn.im / Cl.lk cl.gs chilp.it smsh (aka sm00sh) urli.nl unfake.it awe.sm Voizle Interdose API dlvr.it Suspended Ping.fm (Will be suspended until they reopen their API) Available Template Tags On-demand shortening function: To show the generated links:: Or if WordPress 3.0: http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/the_shortlink Available hooks and filters fts_use_shortlink (Action Hook) fts_filter_shortlink (Filter) Future Versions and on: More services/features can be added upon request (http://code.google.com/p/url-shortener-plugin/issues/list) Do Note that due to my increasing need to concentrate on my studies and a lack of financial contribution from such plugin development, I can possibly accede to all requests. Support via: http://wordpress.org/tags/url-shortener Contact me via my website ( http://www.fusedthought.com/contact/ ) Please check the FAQ For more information Refer to the wiki/documentation at http://wiki.fusedthought.com/docs/url-shortener-wordpress-plugin Installation instructions, user guide and known issues are documented at the wiki.




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