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UrlPlug provides link-browsing and editing for URL named resources in Eclipse. The UrlPlug view allows you to integrate filesystem and world-wide-web resources, and browse seamlessly between them. Useful for developers of web apps and content.




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Validates-url - A Ruby on Rails plug-in that validates URL's in model fields

This project has been moved!Visit http://github.com/RISCfuture/validates_url/tree/master for the latest code. You can continue to post issues here and I will investigate them.

Jsonbot - The JSON Bot

Welcome to JSONBOTJSONBOT is a remote event-driven framework for building bots that talk JSON to each other over XMPP. This distribution provides bots built on this framework for console, IRC, XMPP, Convore and WWW on the shell. the jsb pakage contains the following programs: jsb - console version of jsb jsb-convore - Convore version of jsb jsb-makecert - create keys and certifictes for web console SSL jsb-init - create data directory and config examples, default ~/.jsb jsb-irc - IRC version of

Module Providers for Url Master

This project is a collection of plug-in Url Providers for the Url Master module. The Url Master module is an Url-improvement extension for DotNetNuke.

Mp3tunes4eclipse - MP3tunes Eclipse plug-in

The MP3tunes Eclipse plug-in provides a way to browse a MP3tunes Locker account from within the Eclipse platform. The following features are available: Browse by artists, albums, and playlists Create, edit, and delete playlists Play tracks Search artists, albums, and tracks InstallationUse the Eclipse update site URL provided in the Links section on the right

Netbeans-url-todo-plugin - URL Bookmarking Manager- Save, View your favorite URLs- all without leavi

Save your favorite URLs right from NetBeans. Now, you do not have to leave the IDE to save/access your bookmarks. Enjoy! last updated on February 8, 2008 To DosI know its not pretty :-) Source CodeIts ugly now. Prettier code coming soon.. NetBeans 6.0 project archived bundle- http://netbeans-url-todo-plugin.googlecode.com/files/todo-url-manager-v1-0.tar.bz2 NO SVN checkout available WikiThe wiki page http://code.google.com/p/netbeans-url-todo-plugin/wiki/DesignofURLManager is where the current i

Jsunpack-n - A generic JavaScript unpacker

jsunpack-n emulates browser functionality when visiting a URL. It's purpose is to detect exploits that target browser and browser plug-in vulnerabilities. It accepts many different types of input: PDF files - samples/sample-pdf.file Packet Captures - samples/sample-http-exploit.pcap HTML files JavaScript files SWF files This project contains the source code which runs at the website http://jsunpack.jeek.org/. Users can upload files, or enter script contents and URLs to decode. If you choose to i

Featdiag - An eclipse plug-in which reverse engineers software diagrams from code.

For the time being the check out URL is https://featdiag.googlecode.com/svn/ not https://featdiag.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ as it is listed on the source tab. Over time, Java classes can become large and require refactoring. With the existing tools it can be difficult to determine which members in the classes are tightly coupled in their relationships, and which can be split up. Feature Diagrams are a graphical representation of these relationships. The concept was conceived by Micheal Feathers.

Phpgooglechart - A seemless and easy to use PHP API for Google Chart

Google Chart is an excelent solution for chart creation, but its a little bit to complicated to fully implement in a short amount of time. PHP Google Chart is an easy to use API that can be plugged to your existing web application so you can leverage the power of Google Chart. Among the features of the PHP Google Chart API are: - Intuitive syntax and naming conventions - Possibility to create Google Chart URL strings - Possibility to save the file generated by Google and use later even if Google

Yamleditor - Eclipse YAML Editor plugin

Eclipse plugin: YAML EditorInstalation via Update Manager: URL: http://www.symfony.pl/yamleditor/ (NEW!) RequirementsJava 1.5 or higher Feature Request/Bug ReportYou can entry issue, to report bug, request new features or suggest modifications to existing features.

Lindbergframework - Plug and Use

About lindbergframework - Plug and UseThe idea and motivation of the lindbergframework is provide resources and simple solutions to problems based on the concept 'Plug and Use'. In the current version, the framework provides easy and simple solutions to the population of beans from SQL queries, abstraction of the complexities to access to stored procedures and stored functions , population of database cursors, transaction management, dependency injection, integration with Spring, JSF and Adobe F