Universal Registry Client

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Universal Registry Client is a desktop client which can be used to communicate with different domain name registries.




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Trace open source implementation of the Universal Remote Console (URC) technology, based on ISO/IEC 24752:2008. It includes tools and samples for developers of targets, control user interfaces and Universal Control Hubs (UCH).

Arduinoha - Home Automation project using the Arduino

Browse the source-code!!! With this project i'm aiming to create an intelligent Home Automation solution around the Arduino platform for my own home. By using an 433mhz radioreceiver and transmitter i'm able to receive and transmit RF signals to communicate with RF-based devices. The Arduino is the node which does the decoding and encoding of the signals. The Arduino also is the orchestrator which does all the scheduling and has the controlling-logic. Although i'm talking about the Arduino-platf

AppletFingerprint - For the safety of URC Fingerprinter

For the safety of URC Fingerprinter

php-urc - PHP Universal Remote Control (PHP-URC) [GPLv3]

PHP Universal Remote Control (PHP-URC) [GPLv3]

URC-Shuttle - iOS App to Track URC Shuttle

iOS App to Track URC Shuttle


urcRemote turns your mobile phone into a remote control, touchpad and keyboard for your computer