Urban Challege

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The DARPA Urban Challenge race for robot vehicles took place on Nov 3, 2007. We pose a new urban challenge: build a safe, convenient, energy efficient people mover. This site provides the hardware and software for a prototype system.




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Autodriving - autonomous driving in urban environment

We are trying to make an autonomous car for large-scale point clouds modeling in the urban environment. more details will be added with this project goes on. about us: liming Wuhan University Email: liming751218@gmail.com QQ: 568927491 reference website. http://www.trc.whu.edu.cn/ http://ccvai.xjtu.edu.cn/news.do?method=getdetails&id=22 MIT http://grandchallenge.mit.edu/ Stanford http://cs.stanford.edu/group/roadrunner/ Cornell http://www.cornellracing.com/ Virginia Tech http://www.me.vt.edu/u