UQM Mods

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The UQM-Mods project is a collection of 3 mods that allow players to quot;enhancequot; gameplay or to add features that were otherwise unavailable. These mods are a collaboration between me and a few members of the UQM community.




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Project6014 - Mod sequel to Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters

It is the year 2165. Four years ago you travelled the galaxy, assembling the scattered forces of the old Alliance of Free Stars, striving to free the human race from Ur-Quan enslavement. You succeeded. The Ur-Quan fled, leaving their Hierarchy forces in disarray. The Chmmr have emerged as the new leaders of known space and have asserted their authority. Slave worlds have been freed. And a new era of peace has emerged. For their service to the Ur-Quan defense, Hierarchy battle thralls have been p