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Measurement uncertainties with Python.




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Webupis-dev - UPIS3 For Web Version

UPIS 를 위한 웹버젼. 테스트를 위한 �슈관리시스템연�함. 현재 Mantis가 연�� 안�.

Projetointegrado2007 - Projeto Integrado I - Locadora De Veículos

Locadora De Veículos É um projeto de faculdade no qual tem o principal objetivo de mostrar os conhecimentos estudado nas disciplinas dos semestres anteriores. O projeto esta sendo programado em C e estamos usando CGI, XHTML e MySQL C API.

Imgpack - Images packaging/atlas tool.

Image packaging toolCommand line tool for images and/or textures packaging (atlas). Can be useful for all kind of development (web, opengl, directx) How to useimgpack [directory]Put your images in one directory (curently work only with PNG) Run tool as shown You get packed image or image set You get original image position descriptors (simple txt format) Output image/images will be 2048x2048 pixels max or less. Here the some output samples (game development & web development) Game sprites from h

Pojectwebserver - web site UPI

En este proyecto participan alumnos de los 3 primereros ciclos de la carrera de ingenieria de sistemas de la facultad de ingemieria de sistemas de la Universidad Particular de Iquitos

Poiman-for-sygic - POI Manager for Sygic

Descripción (Español)ATENCIÓN: no funciona con Sygic Aura (por lo que pude investigar, parece que Sygic Aura usa una base de datos SQLite para guardar los PDIs en vez de archivos UPI lo cual deja este programa totalmente incompatible) POIMan para Sygic es una aplicación para Android que permite mantener los Puntos de Interes (PDI) de Sygic actualizados, y también permite administrarlos (agregar / borrar) con facilidad. Esta aplicación muestra una lista de PDIs que es bajada de una direcciÃ

Id-tweetmining - Tweets Mining Tools for Indonesian Language

Pre-alpha version. This project is still under heavy development. Latest code is in /libTweetMining2 (Eclipse) Planned Features: preprocessing (slank, abbreviate words, synonim, stemming) --> done information extraction sentiment mining clustering K-means (done) PAM (done) Evaluation Purity (done) classification Naive Bayes (done) data stream mining temporal mining trust analysis How to use the lib: http://code.google.com/p/id-tweetmining/wiki/Memulai Database and Data Mining Lab, Computer Scien

wonderxml is a simple objective-c library to serialize objects to XML and back again.

WonderXML is an extension of GData XML Node class (Gdata Objective C library) which is able to Parse xml string to objects dynamicly, and convert objects back to xml string. How to set upiPhone applications need these build settings in the project or target: Header Search Paths: /usr/include/libxml2 Other Linker Flags: -lxml2 Drag all files in wonderxml group into your project. See a simple test in the app delegate (output is in console). Enjoy... How to use itThe User Class header file #import

upis - UPIS Grade DB Management

UPIS Grade DB Management

upy-doc - Sphinx documentation for upy project

Sphinx documentation for upy project