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upload2flickr is a .net (C#) based application providing users with more options than those in Ludicorp's current Flickr Uploadr. In it's first iteration, it focuses on using metadata embedded in images (exif, iptc) to tag, describe, and title photos.




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Jflickrorganizr - jFlickrOrganizr provides a set of utilities that aim to ease the tediousness of Fl

jFlickrOrganizr (or jFO for short) is a Java desktop application aimed at providing utilities that complement existing tools that help organise and manage uploaded Flickr content particularly the official Organizr. This project uses the FlickrJ API v1.1. Version: 0.2-alpha (development version at 0.2-alpha) Running jFlickrOrganizr: See HowToRun Current features: Lists all sets and their sizes. Add tags to sets. Add a simple machine tag to sets. Features planned: Auto-authorization. More flexible

Folders2flickr - Flickr upload power tool

This tool (python script) will automatically upload and organize pictures on Flickr.It is best used with Cron or some task scheduler so you don't have to worry about your pictures not being backed up. The tool is still in development so use at your own risk. For those who want to use it, it provides following: 1) Automatically uploads all pictures and movies from the given directory and ALL subdirectories to flickr (it filters files using extensions). 2) It uses directory names to automatically

Flickr2twitter - Automatically post your latest Flickr uploads to Twitter

Please don't let the project name confuse you. It can not just handle Flickr and Twitter, but has been designed in a manner for interacting with any online services. The initial idea of project was meant for those who love both Flickr and Twitter. It allows automated integration between your Flickr and Twitter accounts. Any latest Flickr public uploads will be automatically posted to Twitter at a specified time interval. This has been further enhanced to support China's leading micro-blog servic

Waptor - Waptor (Wallpaper Rotator) formerly known as Flickr Baby is a small but powerful utility wh

Waptor (Wallpaper Rotator) formerly known as Flickr Baby is a small but powerful utility which extracts images from various image hosting application (presently http://www.flickr.com) and sets them as your wallpaper. Waptor is based on html parsing and data extraction and is no way owned or endorsed by Flickr. Waptor has a very lightweight and customizable interface. The image extraction algorithm is based on user defined tags. Every image on Flickr is tagged by user uploading/viewing it, Waptor

Mf4j - A Minimalistic Flickr API for Java

Currently in alpha release. When beta releases happens there will be jar downloads here. Road MapBeta 0.1API that can be used to execute all Flickr API methods except uploading of images. Example code that covers much expected usage of API. Been used to build at least one application. Planned release data: 100101. Beta 0.2Asynchronous download of images. Asynchronous upload of images. Planned release data: 100301

Net-flickr - Net::Flickr is a Ruby implementation of Flickr's REST API

Update 1/30/09Ryan and I are not heavily maintaining net-flickr any longer. Personally, I have tinkered with many updates to net-flickr only to find out that many others have proceeded me with those same ideas in an ever growing pool of other Ruby based Flickr API wrappers. The hardest problem of maintaining this wrapper is authoring custom interfaces for every API method Flickr releases, and then wrapping those custom methods into a proprietary network of Ruby object relationships. This simply

Flickr-php-curl-multiple-upload - use php curl but not pear to upload photoes to flickr , multiple u

[Brief:] php-curl , no pear! this project upload photoes to flickr and get the return url , thus you can use flickr as your blog's image hosting server! you can upload one image a time or tens of images once! which i call parathread. try it , and you will love it [description:] 1.this project upload photoes to flickr thus making flickr as a free image hosting for you and your website. 2.just php-pure-curl! if you do a search for "php upload api of flickr" , you'll get a phone book of them , but

Live-spaces-toolkit - Backup or restore posts in your Microsoft Live Spaces.

The toolkit has the following features: 1. Export all the posts from your live spaces to to a local XML file. 2. Import the posts to live spaces from a local XML file. 3. Download all the photos that hosted on the flickr.com in the posts, upload them to Google Picasa, replace the links and update them in the posts. This features is for the blogger who lived in countries that blocked flickr.com.

Pyorg - Photo organization and uploading with Python

The program does two things: renames and organizes downloaded photos uploads photos based their on Windows Vista tags An example workflow: download pics from camera to /pics/dump/ autorun pyorg to rename/organize to /pics/date/date-time-picphotoidnumber-camera.(JPG, CR2, or AVI) tag with Windows Photo Gallery or Windows Explorer (Vista needed) Edit in photoshop. (save edited files to /pics/date/edited) add "to publish" and album/set tags run pyorg to upload to flickr (photos will be tagged in fl

Zoomthumb - Add thumbnails zooming and preview capability to Flickr Uploadr

ImportantFor latest news and screenshots, please visit zoomthumb Quick DescriptionZoomThumb is a Flickr Uploadr extension that modifies the default size of photos thumbnails and allow quick preview. ZoomThumb adds a preference dialog box into Flickr Uploadr allowing the user to change the default size of thumbnails. In addition, double-clicking on any thumbnail will display the image in a full-window. Simply click again in order to return to the classical thumbnail view. Installation1. Open Flic