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A Gnome 2.x Applet that displays thumbnails of your favorite images.




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Upicshare - Upic.me Share Online application for android

This is an application for uploading pictures from any application that uses 'share' command to http://upic.me/ and post them to your twitter account. QR code directly to Android Market for this app

Twitpicshare - TwitPic Share Online plugin for Android

TwitPic Share Online plugin for Android (TwitPic Share) is an Android application that enables you to upload-and-tweet photos to websites from any fellow application that has a Share command. It currently supports only websites that use same API format as TwitPic, as follows: http://twitpic.com (including https) http://upic.me (including https) http://twitgoo.com (including https) http://yfrog.com (including https) http://twipl.net http://twitrpix.com If you find any additional TwitPic API forma