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Utilities for Patient Data Exchange. A parser for text files to use with some of the utilities provided by the DCMTK from Offis. The purpose is to provide a basic DICOM Modality Worklist Management SCP.




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StatusCheckPHP is an advanced PHP Code to detect whether is not a service is running or not and the length of time it has been running.

Upd - Updater|Installer for *nix systems

Project objective: creating new modulared package creater/updater/installer/remover, where updater itself make just a "core" job. All good feateres like compression, encription, communications with ftp/http/whatever you want, implemented as "hooks"Status of the project: prealhpa, 90 % done.

Cctalk-net - API for communication with devices by ccTalck protocol.

API based on ccTalk generic specification issue 4.6 It is basic C# .Net assembly, built for 3.5 framework. Current release supports main commands with simple checksum. It`s ready for integration with coin acceptor (tested with Microcoin SP). Other functionality are mostly "TODO". UPD: added support for bill validators (checked with "ardac Elite Note Validator", Thanks velteyn for contribution) How to startCreate CoinAcceptor class (set port number on constructor) Subscribe to events. Call Init (

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Melange, the Spice of CreationThe goal of this project is to create a framework for representing Open Source contribution workflows, such as the existing Google Summer of Code TM (GSoC) program. Using this framework, it is possible to host Google Summer of Code programs (and other similar programs, such as the Google Code-in TM Contest, or GCI) on Google App Engine. If you are interested in participating, check out our GettingStarted guide. If you would like to keep up with what is going on with

Updcnl - repos

for cnl purposes

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Snake game with multiplayer support via upd connection

Invisiblemp3player - a complex solution for playing mp3 files from html and displaying them as links

Hi there! The main point of this project is not to develop a perfect flash audio player, but to create a light tool able to insert and display mp3 format sounds into an HTML document so that they'd look native to HTML-formatted text. The 'audio link' term isn't quite correct: it's a 'span' tag that's underlined, displays mouse cursor as a hand and changes color onmouseover/out. Clicking such element will cause it play a sound file specified in its' id attribute if it's currently not playing, els

Cs260-last2 - Assignments 3 + 4

File Transferring using UPD...

Pyrost - 全文検索エンジンSenna�Python�インディング

Pyrost��全文検索エンジンSenna�Python�インディング��。 以下�よ��直感的�プログラミング�行���。 # モジュールをイン�ートfrom pyrost import pyrost# 「test�������インデックスを開�idx = pyrost.Index('test')# キー「foo��値「bar��新��レコードを挿入idx.upd('foo', None, 'bar')# 「bar����れるレコードを検索rec = idx.sel('bar')# ����検索�果�キー�スコア