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UpdateChecker is a Perl module to check something which is whether updated or not.




Related Projects

Web Updates Checker

Checks for changes of a web page at a user-defined interval.


MemcheckView is a GUI front end for Valgrind's Memcheck tool, which can detect a comprehensive set of memory errors, including reads and writes of unallocated or freed memory, reads of unitialized memory, and memory leaks.

CodePlex New Release Checker

CodePlex New Release Checker is a small library that makes it easy to add, "New Version Available!" functionality to your CodePlex project.

HSLUpdateChecker - Simple update checker for iOS apps

Simple update checker for iOS apps

Css-redundancy-checker - CSS Redundancy Checker

CSS Redundancy CheckerA simple script that, given a CSS stylesheet and either a .txt file listing URLs of HTML files, or a directory of HTML files, will iterate over them all and list the CSS statements in the stylesheet which are never called in the HTML. Basically, it helps you keep your CSS files relevant and compact. And it's reasonably accurate. Usagecss-redundancy-checker.rb [cssfile] [directory of html files OR .txt file listing urls to use]Requirementsyou'll need Rubygems and Hpricot, pl

Gnome Chinese Checkers

Gnome Chinese Checkers is an networked implementation of the Chinese Checkers board game, supporting upto 6 players. The game includes added goodies like an integrated chat window, player rotation, etc. This has been updated for Gnome 2.0.

Boardraider-ubiquity-commands - boardraider Ubiquity command collection

boardraider Ubiquity command collectionfx-update-scanner Firefox application update checker gd-upload Uploads a document to Google Docs via URL vacuum Executes the VACUUM statement on SQLite files auth-examples Examples from the authoring tutorial get-all-links Creates a list of links places tools Various tools, p.e. search in bookmarks description or history All commands are designed for and compatible with: Firefox 3.5 Ubiquity 0.5.* Wiki pagesTurn Bookmarklets to commands using NoScript on un

Cyanogen-updater - Dedicated to producing an updater for cyanogen's roms

If you're looking for Themeservers, click here:http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=450 If you like my work, buy me a beerUSD: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=8249540 EUR: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=7928917 CM-Updater 5.0.1 is outNow with N1 support ;) Update.json is now hosted on github CM-Updater 5.0.0 is outChanged Update Folder so theres only one Directory on SDCard (new: /sdcard/cmupdater/updates) S

Geoping - GeoPing is an open source Erlang ping server, that provides updates for the GeoWeb

OverviewThe GeoWeb is inspired by the Web itself and particularly the rich set of tools built for Weblogs. Publishing, distributing and consuming maps and spatial data is as simple as publishing a weblog and running an RSS aggregator. However there is a crucial component missing in the GeoWeb: Ping servers, exemplified by Weblogs.com and blo.gs, which provide a simple central point to receive updates of new content, and distribute those updates to interested consumers. geoping hopes to serve the

Blip4j - Blip 4 Java - Java library for Blip.pl API

Blip4jAboutBlip4j is a Java library for Blip.pl API. DownloadCheck Downloads page for latest release. You can also checkout the sources from SVN server (see Source tab) UsageCheck Wiki pages. Changelog[!] major change [+] added feature [*] changed feature [-] bug fix 0.1.1 [+] added auto-dividing of too long Update bodies [-] fixed problems with case sensitivity when searching a User 0.1 [!] Initial release TODObetter exception handling system expand kosciak.blip4j.automation package: shedulders