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up2us extends RedHat's up2date agent (which updates packages on Red Hat Linux) ability to fetch and install packages from any number of servers which run Hunter Matthew's Current server (see current.tigris.net), in addition to RedHat's RHN.




Related Projects

Dibacms - A simple CMS based on directory based information

Some of us are not able to create websites or they don't want to dive into it. So this is a simple solution which processes two informations: 1. A website template : How does is look like? 2. The content : A recurse file scan within a root dir transforms the given information into a concrete website. The website is up to date due the transform process runs all the time.

Netflexity-amazonws-cloudwatch - Amazon AWS CloudWatch API for Java

What is this?This is a java-based client API for Amazon CloudWatch. We are committed to stay up-to-date with Amazon WSDLs. Keep in mind that Amazon CloudWatch supports only SOAP. Checkout our other projects: This project has been renamed. Please visit us here SimpleDB. This project has been renamed. Please visit us here SimpleDB ORM. This project has been renamed. Please visit us here EC2. Since all the projects we are involved in make use of Spring framework, we decided to make heavy use of it

Dreamspinner - DreamSpinner is a project collection which is used to help us manage and share sample

Up to now, DreamSpinner has been maintaining the following projects: PFMS (Personal Finance Management System) - support us following capabilities: Recode and manage daily income and expenses. Stat. and analyze. Graphical reporting. and so on. SIMMS (SIMCardManagementSystem) - support us following capabilities: Recode and manage daily buying and selling of SIM Cards. Stat. and analyze the buying records. Graphical reporting. and so on. PhoneNumberFomatter - support us following capabilities: For

Project-hack-life - An attempt to use the artistry of programming to deliver philosophies of life.

Web 2.0 is the kind of universal media platform that fuels the growth of human consciousness like no art form before it. When it comes to the viral proliferation of tyranny-shattering information, there is a fine art to the process of creating, expressing and distributing thought; Project Hack Life is our drop in that bucket. As a division of The Legion Of Angels, our goal is to connect users with mind-expanding media, in the hopes that more of us will stand up and refuse the tripe broadcast by

Novaboard - NovaBoard is a free, feature rich community message board software written in PHP &

NovaBoard is a free, feature rich community message board software written in PHP & MySQL that allows you to set up your own forum within minutes. The current legacy release is 1.1.4, and will be updated soon. We are also working on a brand new 2.0 version, send us your ideas!

Arrrg - Pirate ships battle game

Arrrg!What is? Pirate ships battle game Development Status? Slow start-up. Hoping to get time for it. Would you like to help us? JOIN NOW! We need: 3D Artist to create the model of the ships. 2D Artist / Designer to create backgrounds, scenes and screens. Java / jME (or willing to learn) Developers

Aion-galaxy-emu - Aion Galaxy Emu 2.7 - 3.0

Aion Galaxy Emu 2.7 - 3.0Fresh Aion Emulator( Based on AionXemu ) -- Aion Galaxy Emu finally have a home ! -- You are all welcome to visit us on www.aiongemu.com The Aion Galaxy Emu Project is based on Aion X Emu. Features:Aion client version 2.7 Characters creation Player stats Player cube expansion Items use works fine (you can us all kind of pots and food etc.) Lvl up and exp rates are compatible Merchants, Brokers ,Personal Shops are working fine Monsters attak and movement is correct Flight

Arwi - Arwi, the location-based alarm clock.

Arwi is a simple, location-based alarm clock for the Android platform. Do you want to sleep on the bus or train, but are afraid you'll miss your stop? Arwi can wake you up when you get there. Do you keep forgetting to pick up your dry cleaning? Arwi can remind you next time you drive past. Arwi is still in early development, so its not ready for casual users. It is open source, though, and we welcome any help. The source may be licensed under the GPL v2 (or later). Come join us for discussion at

Cloud-perl - to Support and Advance Cloud Computing in Perl

GoalsThe goals of the Cloud Perl project are to bring together the community of people who use Perl for Cloud Computing to think of and implement better ways to use Perl for Cloud Computing to provide support for people who want to use Perl for Cloud Computing Get InvolvedAnyone who is interested in following the discussion should sign up on the mailing lists. Please sign up on the Cloud Perl mailing list, regarding anything having to do with Cloud Computing in Perl. Please also sign up for any

Dspace-semantic-search - Semantic Search for DSpace

***Help us improve Semantic Search for DSpace! Take this survey***. Semantic Search for DSpace v. 2.1 released!Semantic Search version 2.1 fixes some issues with the previous version and contains new features, updates and improvements, like for example: Persistent reasoner cache. In addition to the ontology registry and inference precomputation there is now a reasoner registry for further speed-up and performance. Added Hermit 1.3.4 support. Upgraded to OWL API v3.2.4. Upgraded to FaCT++ 1.5.2 A