UOX for Everyone

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Ever feel as a shard admin the emu was no longer focussing on you? Some changes seemed to be changes for change sake? Consideration of your workload or tools needed was a second priority? Our objective is simple, quot;Keep it Simplequot;




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UOX3 DevTeam Community Project

Home of the Ultima Offline eXperiment3 DevTeam Project. With uox3 you will be able to connect Ultima Online to an offline server on a local-LAN with your friends or serve on the internet with your own shard. Find us at irc.ipdn.org in the channel #uox.


Arachnide is an Open Source client for UO server emulators (primary UOX). It uses the SDL library to achieve a platform independent fast graphic access. (Hopefully) we'll bring a new level to free, graphic based MUD games.


Ultima Offline eXperiment 3

We have large collection of open source products. Follow the tags from Tag Cloud >>