UOF - Unified Optimization Framework

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UOF(Unified Optimization Framework) is an open source implementation of the general problem optimization in C++ language. It includes the problem definition interface and advanced optimization algorithms such as LM, GA, PSO, SA...etc.




Related Projects

UOF-EF/Open XML Translator

The goal of this project is to develop a translator for Microsoft Office to allow open and save Uniform Office Format (UOF) documents. The latest Translator is UOF Translator 4.1 and it provides the interoperability between UOF2.0 documents and Open XML ISO/IEC 29500 documents in both directions. If you have any doubts or questions, please contact by sending mail to: uof-translator-support@lists.sourceforge.net.

ODF-UOF Converter

ODF-UOF Converter provides a way to convert the docs(text/spreadsheet/presentation) between Open Document Format for Office Application(ODF) and Chinese office file format based on XML(UOF).

Robotsimulator2009w - Robot Simulator for the winter term of CMPUT 412, year 2009, UofA

This is a robot simulation package for the winter term of CMPUT 412, year 2009 at the University of Alberta. Derived from the critterbot simulator package. More info the come soon. The source code of interest is at ./sim. To compile: > ant compile To run: > ./run.sh

Uofs-silver - SILVER: Software in Support of Simulation Modeling

We’ve moved from SVN to a Mercurial repository http://code.google.com/p/uofs-silver-hg/ to make it easier for code contribution. This screenshot is not the final from of stable release What is SILVERSILVER is a software system that provide an implementation to both local and remote storage strategy to help simulation modellers bookkeeping changes, general information and documentation related to models. Our current version of SILVER can work with popular modelling software such as Vensim and A

Tower-defense-wars - Tower Defense game for a UofA CS465 class.

NewsApril 2, 2010Go to issue tracking to see the list of tasks. February 5, 2010Dear Diary...This is a game created for the University of Arizona's CS465 "Game Development" class. February 4, 2010Tower Defense Wars was chosen as the game to be created. February 2, 2010Team America was born.

UofT RoboCup AI Team

This project contains the software used by the University of Toronto RoboCup team for controlling a team of robots to compete, against another such team, in a real time soccer environment.

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