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A suite of tools for UOB students.




Related Projects

Credaul - Combining the catalogues of two university libraries to create a unified resource disovery

The project will provide a seamless, overarching interface for students and staff of the Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS) to simultaneously search the library holdings of the University of Sussex (UoS) and the University of Brighton (UoB). We will select and implement an Open Source next generation resource discovery tool to contain all the records of the two university libraries.

Cloudbank - A crowd-sourced information system for advanced language learning

CloudBankA crowd-sourced information system for advanced language learningThe CloudBank project aims to build a mobile- and web-based crowd-sourced information system to help international students share their knowledge and understanding of the local language and culture. The system allows students to collect, annotate and tag interesting or intriguing language- and culture-related content found in everyday life, including text, images and other media, and to share these content items with other

Urbiduino - Urbi for Arduino

UrbiDuino Goal of this project is implementation URBI for Arduino (http://www.urbiforge.org/index.php/UrbiOpenSourceContestProjects/Noonv) URBI and ArduinoURBI (Universal Real-time Behavior Interface) is an open source cross-platform software platform in C++ used to develop applications for robotics and complex systems. URBI is based on the UObject distributed C++ component architecture. URBI includes the urbiScript orchestration language which is a parallel and event-driven script language. UOb


LaTeX notes for UoB lectures (revision)

beamer-uob - Beamer LaTeX theme for the University of Bath

Beamer LaTeX theme for the University of Bath