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Port of the most important GNU utilities to Windows




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Webeasy - Web Applications - Made it Easy

WebEasy - Made it EasyWebEasy是一个�费�绿色�便��简易的Web应用开�环境,在ANMP(Apache/Nginx/MySQL/PHP)的基础上,精选并创造性地首次集�了多�Web应用开�工具和组件,支�Web应用的开��演示�学习以�项目管�,方便Web应用打包�行与�带。 Apache 2.2.19 PHP 5.3.8 MySQL 5.5.15 phpMyAdmin 3.4.5 SQLite Browser 1.3 SciTE for PHP 2.27 Notepad++ 5.9.3 WinSCP 4.3.3 Xdebug 2.1.2 ASP.NET DevServer 4.0 UnxUtils - GNU shell u

Lighttexteditor - Light Text Editor in Clojure (LTEC)

Light Reports Text Editor (GUI tool built with Clojure Lisp)(Updated on 5/15/2010) There aren't many open, easy to use tools for generating PDF, Image, or SVG report documents that use a black box approach. The Light Reports GUI tool combines a set of simple tools for converting XML or HTML documents into PDF or Image documents. keywords: clojure, xhtmlrenderer, java, xmltopdf, xhtmltopdf, iText Resources:http://code.google.com/p/flying-saucer/ http://clojure.org/ https://github.com/flyingsaucer

R-bc - R interface to bc calculator

This R package allows R users to access the arbitrary precision decimal calculation facilities of the bc calculator normally found on UNIX systems and also freely available on Windows and other systems. ExamplesHere is an example of calculating pi. We create a "bc" object, one, with the value 1. Since anything combined with a "bc" object also becomes a "bc" object: > # make sure you have the bc calculator itself on your path> # UNIX users will have it and Windows users can use the bcInstall() co

unxutils - same to http://sourceforge.net/projects/unxutils/

same to http://sourceforge.net/projects/unxutils/