UnVersion 4 Umbraco

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UnVersion is an Umbraco package for automatically cleaning up document version history.




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SVNTAGWC - Tag a SVN working copy

SVNTAGWC will help users and configuration managers tag builds of their projects. It will automatically freeze all external revisions and add all unversioned files to a specified copy (or tag).

Unverse - Tiny cross-browser javascript libary with lightbox

Unverse is a lightweight - absolutely tiny(about 5k) - collection of terse cross-browser JavaScript functions that perform common tasks. Even if used only for its lightbox feature it is probably the smallest JavaScript light box you will find. Top level functions include: Lightbox pop-up for images, html, web pages Dropdown menu support Drag and drop - make any element draggagble and get notified of where it's dropped AJAX - one line asynchronous calls to server to populate parts of a web page D

Whizzy - Whizzy lightweight Content Management System

Whizzy CMS is a really simple content management system, with a tiny footprint. Making a template, or adapting an existing one, is trivial. The default template supplied is highly configurable and able to support thousands of variants. Whizzy CMS has the simplest install imaginable - copy one file and go. Whizzy stores its data in XML files and does not require a database. It is very fast to deploy for small sites, but capable of growing to many hundreds of pages. Whizzy CMS includes a WYSIWYG e

Whizzywig - Cross-browser rich text WYSIWYG editor

Whizzywig aims to provide the best compromise between small footprint, features and extensibility in a web based HTML editor. It supports all the main formatting features: bold, italics, headings etc. as well image and link insertion and tables. Latest version is Whizzy 63. This includes bug fixes to solve some issues with Chrome and Chromium web browsers, as well problems inserting tables, images and HTML in Internet Explorer 9. It also ensures that table cells always have a border when in the

Hs-migration - HS.Migration provides support for updating database schemata and data

Making changes to a database schema or its data requires careful planning and execution, to avoid mistakes. This library provides support for this task, allowing the user to write update scripts once, save them in a common location, with logical naming, and apply them easily. Support for storing migration scripts in a .NET assembly and applying them to an SQL Server database is built in. The architecture caters for those wishing to add support for other forms of migration storage or database pro

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cumt's 100th anniversary mapplet。中国矿业大学100周年�展历�地图。

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For College of Foreign Languages in Ningbo Unversity Can Studio - Students Agile Lab

Zzuoc - ZZUOC(Zhengzhou Unversity Open Course)郑州大学开放课程项目


plans - Plans for Ruby Mendicant Unversity

Plans for Ruby Mendicant Unversity

go - A simple tool for synchronizing unversioned data repositories

A simple tool for synchronizing unversioned data repositories