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untidy is a XML fuzzer. It takes an XML as input and generates a set of modified, potentially invalid XMLs based on the input.




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Nettierslite - Nettiers Lite is a very useful template that has a very good architecture. It is a li

.netTiers is a set of open source code generation templates that simplify the tasks of creating customized application tiers for your Microsoft .NET applications in just a few minutes. I was trying to build little building blocks/modules for re-utilizing them later in other projects, but the fact that I used nettiers, made "untidy". For example, the EntityBase was twice in the same solution under different namespaces, and so on. What I have found very useful in this case is to first port the 4 p

Responsive - Automatically soft refresh your browser on HTML and CSS changes

This project hopes to build a cross browser soft-refresh solution similar to xrefresh(discontinued), but better in some respects . The soft-refresh feature may be enabled for both HTML and CSS. The HTML soft-refresh feature causes event listeners to disconnect so it should only be used in the design phase. This current version is a proof of concept and is thus a bit untidy and limited. Future versions shall be integrated into browsers as an add-on and use node.js to push updates to the client (i

Javaspaces-netbeans - A set of useful plugins for Netbeans IDE which make writing programs in Linda

Introduction JavaSpaces Netbeans project started at the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics, Warsaw University as an assignment for Multi-tier applications development (Tworzenie aplikacji wielowarstwowych) lead by Jacek Sroka. The original idea of the project also came from Jacek Sroka. The project was developed as my Master's Thesis (2007/2008) and supervised by Marcin Engel. This work is supported by the Netbeans Dream Team and Sun Microsystems as a part of Netbeans Innovators G

dotfiles - These are the current state of play of my untidy dotfiles

These are the current state of play of my untidy dotfiles