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Class hierarchy viewer for .Net assembly




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Untangle - The Open-Source Network Gateway

The Open-Source Network Gateway http://www.untangle.com http://wiki.untangle.com

Featureous - A tool for feature-centric analysis and remodularization of Java programs

Featureous is a tool integrated with the NetBeans IDE. It helps to: - Easily establish traceability links between user-visible features and legacy source code. - Use these links to understand feature implementations, to guide evolutionary changes and to control the quality of your code. - Restructure your source code to localize and untangle features. The latest binary releases of the tool can be found at: http://featureous.org

Cflint - A tool to help untangle CFEngine scripts

When using CFEngine v2 to manage complex configs, it becomes easy to wind up with a bowl of spaghetti instead of something contained and maintainable. CFLint understands enough of the CFEngine script format to point out areas where two or more CFEngine scripts might be trampling each other.

Untangler-cgi - CGI-based Boggle solver engine

DescriptionA non-memory-resident, efficient solver for arbitrary Boggle boards, written in C++. Uses a heap-based algorithm to extract words in alphabetical order, allowing for a single linear pass through a (compressed) dictionary file. Currently running here: http://mh-z.com/untangle/ Code DetailsThere's not much documentation at present (read: none), the style's a bit archaic, but I plan to clean things up when I get a chance, create a proper makefile, and so on. Basically the solver operates

Jquery-plugin-showhide-rules - A jQuery plugin that wires up change events on a parent to show/hide

showhide-rules.jsBinding change events to show and hide elements in a form with jQuery is relatively easy until you have many complex forms with lots of rules. This jQuery plugin attempts to untangle that mess. By defining parent/child relationships inline or in an array of rules, this plugin creates bindings on the change event of the parent element that will show and hide the child. View the Documentation & Examples Usage<!DOCTYPE html><html><head> <title>showhide-rules Usage</title> <script t

The-web - TheWeb is Symbian game

TheWeb is Symbian game wich goal is to untangle the web.


JPlanarity is a puzzle computer game written in Java Language, a clon of flash Planarity game written by John Tantalo. The player starts out with a tangled series of connected dots, and has to untangle the net until no edges intersect.

Twittangle - twitTangle

twitTangle is a free service that helps you untangle the mess of having too many friends on twitter. We allow you to rate and tag your friends and then filter your timeline to help you easily find the tweets that are most important to you!

Ucars - Untangled Chains for Adaptive Range Searching

Practical implementations of the range data structure presented by Arroyuelo, Claude, Dorrigiv, Durocher, He, López-Ortiz, Munro, Nicholson, Salinger and Skala Monotonic Chains and Adaptive Range Search, ISAAC 2009.