UNSAFE cryptosystem for free

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Unsafe is a free cryptosystem that employs TIGER,MD5,IDEA,BLOWFISH,SAFER-SK and QCYPHER to encrypt and erase sensitive data.




Related Projects


Report of registry and file settings. Useful in detecting malware.


The Autorun.inf-file is unsafe, but turning it off is uncomfortable and does not protect other computers. This program does. And it also performs certain actions when a USB-Stick is plugged in, so you won't lose functionality.

Auto Proxy Filter Test

Auto Proxy Filter Test (APFT) automates the testing of safe and unsafe URLs against a content filtering proxy (such as Dansguardian) and helps prevent regressions. APFT is useful to people who are designing filter rules.


A threading utility library designed to make multiple .NET threading classes easier to use through a more consistent API and various convenience classes. It includes a common wrapper API for locking classes, support for disposable locks, and wrappers for unsafe objects.

Unsafedelegates - An unsafe version of FastDelegates but with simplified syntax

This is an experimental callback library that enables you to use delegates in C++. It uses FastDelegates internally http://www.codeproject.com/KB/cpp/FastDelegate.aspx The syntax is pretty easy. Imagine you could write code like this: void simpleFunction(int i, char text) { std::cout << i << text << endl; } .. UnsafeDelegate delegate; delegate.bind(&simpleFunction); delegate(42,"some text");

Dbix-timeout - DBIx::Timeout - Perl module which provides safe timeouts for DBI calls

This module provides a safe method of timing out DBI requests. Anunsafe method is described in the DBI docs:http://search.cpan.org/~timb/DBI/DBI.pm#Signal_Handling_and_Canceling_OperationsThe problem with using POSIX sigaction() (the method described above)is that it relies on unsafe signals to work. Unsafe signals are wellknown to cause instability. To understand why, imagine the DB clientcode is in the middle of updating some global state when the signalarrives. That global state could be left

Jscsscomp - JavaScript and CSS files compressor

jscsscomp is a PHP script what compress JavaScript and CSS files when they are requested from the server. uses Nicolas Martin PHP version of the Dean Edwards JavaScript Compressor uses JSmin lib to squeeze a bit JS files also uses ideas and code from Patrick Hunlock ATTENTION!!! this script is not finished and not well tested. so, using it in production environment may be unsafe. just check it out, your feedback (in any type!) will help me make it better and ready for using in real applications

Tampermonkey - Full greasemonkey support for chrome/chromium

Tampermonkey is a tool that provides Greasemonkey script support for Google Chrome and Chromium Browser. It's API is fully compatible to Greasemonkey, including GM_registerMenuCommand, GM_xmlhttpRequest with cross domain support and access to the unsafeWindow object. Tampermonkey (stable): https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/dhdgffkkebhmkfjojejmpbldmpobfkfo Tampermonkey (beta): https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/gcalenpjmijncebpfijmoaglllgpjag Tampermonkey (retro): http://tampermonk

Risk - Do war you&#39;re own way, as a fantasy !

Project has been abandoned. The code was a good way of enhancing my PHP knowledge, but is unsafe and very very spaghetti like. Warfield, webriskWarfields is a web-based port of the famous board game risk. It is written in PHP using MySQL as databank. Project started : 04/02/2009 More info on : svennd.be (dutch)