Unreal Speccy

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high-performance and rich features ZX-Spectrum emulator for WinNT platform




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Unrealspeccyp - portable ZX-Spectrum emulator based on UnrealSpeccy 0.37.3 by SMT

Unreal Speccy PortablePortable ZX-Spectrum emulator supports Z80 128K (Pentagon) AY/YM, Beeper, Beta Disk, Tape, Kempston Joystick/Mouse, Snapshots. Supported formats: sna, z80, tap, tzx, csw, trd, scl, fdi, zip (read more). Created to be ported to many platforms such as Windows/Linux/Mac/Symbian/WinMobile/Dingoo A320/Android,... Like it, need new features and other platforms support? (donate) Also look in changelog. Use Google Chrome browser? Try NaCl version. Some screenshots

Perfectzx - PerfectZX - open ZX Spectrum emulator

Sorry, but untill it becomes more or less useful, emulator will be "closed". Yet it's under development, so don't give up hope! Here's some Pinkie to cheer you up :D Хот� и�ходники таки можно ут�нуть, е�ли немного напр�чь мозг... :3 PerfectZXPerfectZX is a free open source ZX Spectrum emulator. For now it uses GTK+ for GUI, OSS/ALSA/PulseAudio/QSA (QNX Sound Architecture) for sound and z80ex for Z80 CPU emulation. Project goal is to create ZX Sp

unrealspeccy - ZX Spectrum Emulator by SMT, Alone Coder and Deathsoft

ZX Spectrum Emulator by SMT, Alone Coder and Deathsoft