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The Unnamed-RPG project's goal is to create a system of tools for developers to create games or software that takes advantage of the power and complexity of Rolemaster(TM) style of role-playing guidelines.




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Winformrpg - Unnamed rpg game in development

Currently unnamed rpg game in development. Language: C#

Uber-engine - 2D RPG Engine using SDL

Uber EngineThis is a 2D RPG engine created by NullSoldier (NullProgrammer@gmail.com) for creation of an unnamed RPG. It is a work in progress. It is programmed in C++ using SDL for graphics, keyboard and mouse input, and audio. News Updates1.14.08 I've started on the documentation for UberEngine. Once I have the basic structure planned then I will begin developtment. My goal is to finish the interface engine some time around the end of February.

Uarpg - Unnamed Adventure RPG game

Unnamed Adventure (earlier known as godrpg) is an open source role playing game inspired by the old j-rpg games from SNES, like Final Fantasy or Breath of Fire. Project currently under "heavy" development. It's playable, but don't expect much ;) Also you can approach to this project as an RPG engine, because the game is highly modifiable and you can make your own adventures. Features : Crude scripting language Map editor Model exporters for Blender 2.4x Support for both classic 2D and 3D maps 3D

Xufu - Xufu is the project name for an unnamed computer game about space exploration.

From GameDesign: The game is about science fictional space exploration, and features interaction with aliens (both violent and peaceful), and space travel. Typical roleplaying elements will be present in terms of character advancement and customization. The overall object of the game will be to return to Earth, as the protagonists have accidentally flung themselves into a distant galaxy, presumably very different from the Milky Way. However, the game is also a sandbox, in which the player may fr

rpgMakerVX - Unknown and unnamed project!

Unknown and unnamed project!


On the journey to creating a web based RPG framework, I'm cloning Neoquest 1. This is all bleeding edge development, and I may break things as I do them. This is such early stages, just don't expect it to work.