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This tool helps your to setup masked packages in Gentoo Linux. Tool is supported all types of package masks (masked by ~x86, ~amd64, missed.., package.mask etc.) and provide many options to configure unmasking process.




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Iplot - Versatile data plotting and analysis with python

iPlot is based on matplotlib and wxpython libraries. It can run as an executable or as a matplotlib backend. It leverages the power of matplotlib with some added features like: Save and read figures in xml Select line plots from figures to generate new one Better backend design than default backends in matplolib Data masking/unmasking tool Can run standalone or as matplotlib backend Open data from figure in spreadsheets and More features to come...

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LoadMask jQuery plugin can mask DOM elements while their content is loading or changing to prevent user interactions and inform that some background task is still running. It is very light (~2Kb) and easy to use. The behavior of this plugin is largely based on handy Element.mask() method from ExtJS Framework. You can try online demo here. UsagejQuery version required: 1.2.3 or later. Please note that only elements that accept child nodes can be masked. To start using the plugin you need to inclu

Iphone-password - An IPhone like input field (using jQuery)

I plan to create a Cross-Browser (Major browsers) iPhone like password field. This field can show the last typed character for a short time (duration) and after it it masks (mask/shadow character) the password. Features includes: Any shadow character (Regular password fields can't be configured) Configurable mask time (duration:0 can be used to immediately mask the inserted text, and take the advantage of the custom mask character only) Copy-Pasted text (even with mouse) Any-selection replace or

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What is Mr. Jack?Announcement: Waiting Mr. Jack In New York to release a new version! Mr. Jack is a deduction game for 2 players, by Bruno Cathala and Ludovic Maublanc, illustrated by Pierô, published by HURRICAN. Awards 2007 International Gamers Award Winner. 2007 Nederlandse Spellenprijs Nominee. 1888 - London - Whitechapel district The night covers the gloomy alleys with a veil of darkness. Jack the ripper is moving in the shadows... The finest investigators of the gaslight age have gathered

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This is a port of Proxy Revealer 2.0.1 MOD (phpBB2) to phpBB3. Attempts to determine someone's "real" IP address, using a myriad of techniques, and "blocks" such people. Original techniques included XSS, Java, and X_FORWARDED_FOR checks. In this port, Flash has been added as yet another unmasking technique. There maybe additional techniques added on later. Features: HTTP(S)/SOCKS Proxy Detection by Flash and Java applet techniques, and optional blocking. Optional blocking of transparent HTTP Pro

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Some said the woods will claim the souls of those who venture in them; but your little brother's life is at stake. With nothing but a flashlight, you enter the forest in search of him. FeaturesNavigate through a forest labyrinth shrouded in darkness. Use your flashlight to illuminate the dark path before you. Reveal invisible, attacking creatures with your flashlight. Beware of grotesque creatures drawn to your light. Find items on the way to help you on your journey. Use your gun wisely; ammo d

zmask - Image masker/unmasker written in Java

Image masker/unmasker written in Java

unmask-signup-passwords - User script to unmask signup passwords (tested on Gecko and WebKit)

User script to unmask signup passwords (tested on Gecko and WebKit)

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