unleash3d Game Engine

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Another Game Engine. It provides a full Game Framework and is intended for People who like to create Games and not State of the Art Rendering Demos.




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Nuplay - NuPlay is an tool for creating LIVE 3D audio and video performances using a modified game e

NuPlay is a piece of sofware that will let you generate realtime 3D visuals and audio with your performance or interactive installation. NuPlay is unleashing the awesome power of 3D game software which can handle all kind of visuals (not only game astetics). Visuals can be manipulated LIVE with game controllers, webcams, sensors, audio and electronic instruments and more... The main goal of NuPlay is to come up with a easy to use performance tool to unleash 3D game technology for performative ob

Ainur - Game engine with atmospheric effects, terrains and open spaces

Ainur EngineAinur is a C++ multi-platform (Windows / Linux / MacOS X) real-time 3D engine, which unleashes the power for creating interactive virtual worlds. It delivers: Fast real-time cutting edge 3D graphics Powerful physics simulation Sound subsystem Overlays for basic 2D functionality Support for separate GUI systems like libRocket Object oriented scripting language Authoring environment and a set of flexible tools If you are curious the name comes from the J.R.R. Tolkien world: http://en.w

Cacuda - MPI+CUDA Programming Framework

CaCUDA - Unleash the Power of Cactus on Hybrid SystemsIntroductionWe present a massive data parallel computational framework that can be used to develop large scale scientific applications on such petascale/exascale hybrid systems. The framework is built upon the highly scalable Cactus computational framework that has been used by scientists and engineers from various fields to solve a wide spectrum of real world scientific problems. Within Cactus, we further explore the performance and scalabil

Dwmaxx - Vista's DWM Unleashed

Project has moved to http://github.com/steeve/dwmaxx DWMaxx is a library that adds new functions to interact with the Windows Vista’s DWM. At the present stage, DWMaxx allows you to do: True Window scaling Window sub-pixel positioning (regardless of the actual window position) Window rotation Soon to come: 3D Rotation (fingers crossed)