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Unitils is an open source library aimed at making unit and integration testing easy and maintainable.




Related Projects

Unitils-addons - Addons for Unitils

Unitils is an open source library aimed at making unit testing easy and maintainable. Unitils builds further on existing libraries like DBUnit and EasyMock and integrates with JUnit and TestNG. Unitils now provides general asserion utilities, support for database testing, support for testing with mock objects and offers integration with Spring and Hibernate. Unitils addons just add more frameworks' integration.

Unitils-idea - Unitils plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

Unitils is a integrated test framework to make unit test easy, and you can find more detail information on http://www.unitils.org Unitils plugin for IntelliJ IDEA to make IDE support Unitils, such as code completion, navigation, and you can write test case without pain. Featurespring Bean name completion for @SpringBean ataset xml file completion for @DataSet nnotator support for Spring bean reference by @SpringBean, @SpringBeanByName and @SpringBeanByType nnotator support for dataset xml refere

Unitils-ejb3 - An Unitils module to test EJB3 beans via dependency injection.

This is a simple module to Unitils test framework, which allows you easily writing tests to your EJB projects. You can use the standard annotations (@EJB, @PersistenceContext, etc) in your test classes, and the Bean instances will be injected before the test cases starting.

Junit-javabean-runner - JUnit 4 runner for testing JavaBeansâ„¢ and POJOs

The ProblemWriting tests for JavaBeansâ„¢ is... repetitive, boring, time-consuming, and error-prone. However, we often build larger systems on top of JavaBeansâ„¢, so we need to be sure they're behaving correctly. What's more, if our project uses a code-coverage threshold, our build will fail if we don't test them. The Missing PointJavaBeansâ„¢ are supposed to be machine-processable! The SolutionJavaBeanRunner automatically tests your JavaBean properties using the power of !JUnit. Writing tests

Routemap - Routes for PHP

Update in progress (2011-02-23)AboutRouteMap is an implementation of Rails like routes system for mapping URLs to controllers/actions and generating URLs. Useful even for code which doesn't use MVC pattern. This particular implementation is inspired by Pylons' Routes2 system adapted to PHP5. Basically, you map an URL to some method. e.g. http://example.net/index.php?archive/2008/01/01 or http://example.net/archive/2008/01/01 (with URL rewriting) could map to a single method call News::show("2008

Todo-springmvc - sample Java webapp with JPA Hibernate, Spring, Spring MVC, Maven and more...

This is a sample web application made for tutor purpose: work on the skill POC those technologies mentor newcomers This project is inspired by : Jerry Shea ( http://slf4j.org/ ) Adam Boas ( http://agileExpress.sf.net/ ) Rob Monie ( http://simple-object-assembler.googlecode.com ) Phạm Ng�c Khánh ( http://springmvcsample.googlecode.com )

unitils-plugin - Plugin for integration Unitils and Spring in IDEA

Plugin for integration Unitils and Spring in IDEA


This is an example of using Spring, JPA 2 with Hibernate, Unitils, and H2.


Simple REST application using JAX-RS (resteasy) and Spring. JUnit4, Unitils and EasyMock are used for tests.


This is the code for a talk that showcases several unit testing libraries and frameworks that make it possible to write the most-effective unit and integration tests. It also highlights some of the most underused features of JUnit, including Theories, parameterized tests, and Hamcrest matchers. Among the libraries it covers: Unitils, Spring Test, DbUnit, XMLUnit, Dumpster, Mockito, and JBehave. The presentation supplies code examples and discusses TDD/BDD best practices.