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UniMotion - Unified Motion detection for Apple portables.




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Moeanui - unimotion pour Scheme

Moeanui est un wrapper unimotion pour le langage Scheme/Racket. Il utilise intensément Unimotion, qui est nécessaire à son fonctionnement. Moeanui permet de récupérer les données brute de l'acceleromètre de votre ordinateur portable Apple. Unimotion supporte toutes les lineups portable d'Apple actuellement. Pour utiliser Moeanui, il faudra: récupérer unimotion: http://unimotion.sourceforge.net/ le compiler en librairie dynamique. le mettre dans le répertoire courant à Moeanui.rkt. ins

Google-mac-qtz-patches - Quartz Composer Patches

A collection of Quartz Composer Patches. These patches require Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) or better. - Ambient Light Sensor: use the ambient light in the room as inputs. Only works with machines with ambient light sensors (e.g. MacBook Pro) - Motion Sensor: use the motion sensors as inputs. Only works with machines with motion sensors (e.g. MacBook Pro). Uses the Unimotion library. Install these patches into "/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Plug-Ins" and then launch up Quartz Composer and play.

Pickledcomix - Simple to use, feature rich comic book viewer for MacBooks

Pickled Comix viewer focuses on MacBook users that want to read their comics in an unobtrusive way. Best of all it follows Apple's design philosophy of, "Do one thing well and work the way the user expects." There aren't a thousand options to configure because we designed it right the first time. Features: Reads cbz, cbr, and directories of images. Autorotate page to match laptop orientation. Automatic resizing of double wide pages so you can actually read them. Intelligently goes to the last pa


A Dashboard widget plugin for the unimotion C library

pymotion - Python bindings for the UniMotion library

Python bindings for the UniMotion library

unimotion - unofficial mirror

unofficial mirror