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Automata Based Programming Tool for implementing logic for J2SE, J2EE and Sybmian applications. Consists of Java FSM Framework and Eclipse Plugin parts. Plugin implements UML model editor, visual debugger, validator, compiler and interpreter for Eclipse




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Unimodaspect - An aspect plus for the unimod(an eclipse pulg-in)

State-machine with aspect intergrating unimod, eclipse plug-in with UI.

Tempo-user-interface - User Interface and data processing utilities for tempo

Design and implementation of a flexible, robust and platform independent experimentation workbench for unimodal/cross-modal priming studies.BackgroundThe Language and Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory has been deploying Tempo to run “cross modal priming studies.� Tempo is a program that was originally designed to play sound files which simultaneously presenting either words or pictures. There are also templates designed for presenting video clips. Tempo records the reaction times from the su

Mtex - Quantitative Texture Analysis Software

A MATLAB Toolbox for Quantitative Texture AnalysisFeaturesCrystallographic geometry: all kind of symmetries, different Euler angle conventions, import from crystallographic information files (CIF) ODF modelling: any composition of uniform, unimodal, fibre and Bingham ODFs, pole figure simulation, EBSD simulation ODF analysis: modal orientations, difference ODFs, volume portions, entropy, texture index, Fourier coefficients Pole figure analysis: 22 data formats, data correction Pole figure to ODF

UniMod - A mod for the old game NoX

A mod for the old game NoX


A small npm package for spawning a JS module pre-built for exporting to multiple environments.