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Unifer combines all of your online data into one queryable database.




Related Projects

Open-source Pseudopotential Generator

The Open-source Pseudopotential Interface / Unification Module (OPIUM) allows to generate pseudopotentials in an interactive way, perform ghost checks, Kleinman-Bylander transformation, and output in many different pseudopotential file formats.


VirtualDubMod is based on VirtualDub by Avery Lee. Born as a unification of several modifications, new features have been added including support for the matroska format. This project has been discontinued since 2004-2005.


Advanced multi layered unification filesystem. Once aufs was entirely re-designed and re-implemented Unionfs which is originally developed by Erez Zadok and his team. Enhancing with many original ideas, it becomes totally different software while keeping the basic features.

Geo - Python Geospatial Interfaces

Project is aimed at unification of Interfaces for managing Gespatial information in Python applications.

Uniform - GUI technology review and unification

There are two tasks. 1. comparison of three GUI technologies.. 2. idenitification of the area of improvement or unifications. The module, Uniform, will be developed and published. The modules will come with version of (1) Flex, (2) .NET, and Java (3.1) Swing and (3.2) SWT.


zharbour - xbase, Clipper, harbour, xharbour - unification project.

Charisma — Access NoSQL databases in the unified way

The goal of Charisma project is the unification of access to NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and others with provision of contemporary ORMs' common features like persistence ignorance (POCO), LINQ, Context/Repository pattern, fluent configuration combined with NoSQL-specific o...

GameShop -Nano Edition-

An Amazing unification project, designed to blend all the known modern needs for high speed, very pretty AAA game projects into a single core language. It is more advanced than any other language on the Earth. It can within a single code file, blend native C#, Joint(Custom ...

Gapt - Generic Architecture for Proofs

GAPT is a proof theory framework. The framework aims at creating data types, algorithms, parsers, transformations and other components common in proof theory in general and mechanized proof theory in particular. Two of the applications within this framework, which will be directly developed and maintained, are: CERes - Cut Elimination by Resolution ATP and other theorem provers for various logical systems News12/5/2011 - Huet's higher order unification algorithm was implemented and added to the