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Unicycle is a PalmOS app for recording a woman's BBT (basal body temperature), and certain other data that can be used for the quot;Fertility Awareness Methodquot; (FAM).




Related Projects

Unigames - A unicycle game

A unicycle game with different types of competitions, a sort of summer games but with the unicycle. UNICOX XIII had these sports, some of them will be included in UNIGAMES: 100m, 400m, 800m, 50m one foot, 10m/30m wheel walking, obstacles, slow forward/backwards 10km standard 10km Unlimited + Marathon (43.0km) Trials, Einrad-OL (XC Uni-Orienteering), High jump, Long jump, Track Coasting, Track Gliding, MUni Downhill, XC Downhill 4x100m Staffel/Relay Artistic Individual Artistic Pair Artistic Grou

Unicycle Robot

This is a project about Unicycle Robot. This time our IMU is just 6DOF (Acc & Gyro) In-future will open up to 9DOF (Acc & Gyro & Mag-Compass)

Igooglecircustheme - Simple Circus theme for igoogle

a simple circus theme for igoogle, cycles between a day and a night skin.

Unifrog - Unifrog - Open source version

A pointless game where you make a unicycling frog travel further, buying clothes and try to beat other people's achievement count! This page is created for trying to port the client to a better language, please help me out here :)

unisoc-website - Temporary storage of the UC Unicycling and Juggling Society website

Temporary storage of the UC Unicycling and Juggling Society website


Gather Registration details from participants for upcoming unicycling event

singlecycles - HTML5/JS one-button unicycle racer

HTML5/JS one-button unicycle racer


"Missing a Wheel" is my Cambridge Part III project: neurocontrol of a simulated unicycle

UniCycle - Unicode character cycler

Unicode character cycler