The Unicon Project

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Unicon is a very high level object-oriented network-savvy, graphics-savvy programming language with a syntax similar to Pascal or C. Novel control and data structures make Unicon ideal for rapidly solving complex problems.



Related Projects

Toro-ipac - Toro: uPortal 2.x Groups and Permissions Importer

Toro is a set of technologies built by Unicon, Inc. as part of Academus Portal. This project contains a utility for importing Groups and Permissions data from external data sources. It currently includes a transform for data in IMS Enterprise format, but can be easily extended to support other formats.

Toro-portal - uPortal Portlet/Channel Collection

Toro is a set of technologies built by Unicon, Inc. as part of Academus Portal. This project contains a collection of uPortal portlets and channels from Academus. These are deployable into a normal uPortal 2.6+ environment. Release candidate 7 available for download. toro-installer-1.0.0-rc-7.jar uPortal 2.6.1-GA support was added to this version. If you want to install uPortal 2.6.0-GA, please use toro-installer-1.0.0-rc-6.jar. This will be deprecated at some point though. Documentation around

Uhttpd - A simple webserver written in Unicon

<a href="">Unicon</a> is a convenient cross-platform VM-based scripting language; this is a simple webserver designed to serve for simple web processing needs (written modularly so that it can be embedded into other unicon programs, or run standalone).

Unicon-client-side-persistent-data - CSPD for the UNICON language modeled on that in Curl of www.cur

CSPD for the UNICON language modeled on that in Curl of based on something like encoded GDBM Shared persistent data allows common settings and searches to be preserved on the client across sessions. Likely most suited to secure intranet applications such as those typical of current UNICON applications (Curl use is comparable in commercial and government applications.) See

Cernunnos - Software Solved

"The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them." - Albert Einstein Announcing CernunnosWelcome to Cernunnos: an open source Java technology that helps Java professionals be more effective in their work. Cernunnos offers significant benefits in developer productivity, time to market, and level of quality in software solutions. Here's how it works: You don't have to tell components, subsystems, or objects how to work together You ju

Uniconpro - Universal Russian Cyrillic Encoding Convertor

Converts Russian encodings from one character set to another. Please visit for more information.

Email-preview-portlet - A portlet for previewing unread email messages

The email preview portlet was developed by Unicon Inc. on behalf of San Joaquin Delta College. After the completion of the first release, San Joaquin Delta College decided to contribute the email preview portlet to the open source community under the GPL license (version 2). The email preview portlet is a JSR-168 compliant portlet built using Spring Portlet MVC and JSTL. The main purpose of the portlet is to preview a user's unread messages by connecting to the user's inbox and listing the most

My-courses-portlet - JSR-168 portlet linking to relevant sites in a course management system, with S

A JSR-168 portlet that summarizes and links to the logged in user's participation in a backing course management system. Currently the only implemented integration is into Sakai (a Collaboration and Learning Environment, and so the MyCoursesPortlet differentiates and displays links to both Course sites and Project non-course sites.) One idea of direction to go would be to implement plugins for other course management systems, and even enhance the portlet to be capable of presenting links into mu

js-presentation - Unicon-internal Javascript presentation

Unicon-internal Javascript presentation