Uni Test

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Uni Test e' un progetto rivolto agli studenti in procinto di sostenere un test di una facolta' universitaria a numero chiuso per esercitarsi utilizzando le domande degli atenei proposte negli anni passati. ll progetto e' disponibile su www.uni-test.it




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UniTest a JavaScript Unit Test

UniTest is a light weight ,effective and cross browser JavaScript Unit Test framework with wide range of tests and functions. It's also support custom output provider to customize data view and lazy load core and test to reduce server load and run test as needed

Vgi-annotation-service - First approach towards VGI Annotation Service

This is a first approach towards an implementation of a web service/page which provides a method to annotate kml resources which exist in the internet. This implementation can also be tested via the following link: http://giv-annotation.uni-muenster.de

Contentmirror - Plone Content Serialization to a Structured/Relational Database

Serializes content from a plone site to a relational database. Minimal configuration needed out of the box, just set your target database and load up the database schema. supports any archetype based content, including the default types. in addition to being useable out of the box. its easy to program custom behavior, for filtering content serialized or more control over the schema transformation process, all using the zope component architecture. Extensive doc tests documentation, with high uni

Flickrmirror - Mirror your flickr sets

This project aims to allow a user to mirror their flickr account on their local hard drive utilizing sets. PackagesI offer a python egg package with CLI support. For Mac OS X users there is a dmg with a GUI application. LimitationsI believe you need a flickr premium membership for this to work since they can't download the original files. Eventual support to non-premium members will be added. StatusEverything is in working order, but code could be re-written in some parts. Also, there are no uni

Webappkit - Web apps in kit - a packaging system for PHP

Webappkit is a packaging system and a meta-framework for PHP. Its a free software, dedicated to ease developement and sharing of generic libraries, components and web applications. It includes agile developement tools. A packaging systemWebappkit defines a simple and open standard for library packages. This format allows to handle dependancies and to maximize PHP versions comptatibility. A web administration interface allows will allow kit installation, read their documentation and run their uni

Juds - Java Unix Domain Sockets (JUDS) provide classes to address the need in Java for accessing Uni

NOTEThis project has been moved to github. Klaus Trainer will not maintain this project anymore. New project maintainer is Dan McKinley. See http://github.com/mcfunley/juds for the new project home page. JUDSJUDS (Java Unix Domain Sockets) provide classes to address the need in Java for accessing Unix domain sockets. The source is provided for a shared library containing the compiled native C code, which is called into by the Java UnixDomainSocket classes via JNI (Java Native Interface) to open,

Jstk - A native Java speech toolkit

The Jave speech toolkit (JSTK) provides a native implementation of both library/API and applications for speech recognition, speaker verification, speech visualization (including transcription tools), and evaluation of related human rater tasks. It is maintained by the speech group at the Univ. Erlangen-Nuremberg (www5.cs.fau.de) JSTK - The Java Speech ToolkitThe Java Speech Tooklit (JSTK) is developed and maintained by the Speech Group at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. It is designed to

Unibite - UniBITE - the Universal Binary Table Editor

UniBITE is binary table editor (mostly usable for DVB tables). It currently uses pseudo-scripts (as found in SI docs) to parse input files or generate output files and will support XML files in the future. As of now, it's completely unusable, pretty damn unstable and probably full of memleaks and thus undergoing a rewrite (the current codebase was more or less just a testing ground).

Ctpjava - Projects, Demo and Sample Code for CTP Java Solution

NewsJBoss Seam: Hotdeploy Maven Plugin and Archetype updatedThe latest hotdeploy plugin (0.3.3) fixes a problem with hot deployed components both deployed to /WEB-INF/classes as well as /WEB-INF/dev on Linux - which crashed the application during app server startup The updated Archetype SNAPSHOT includes the new plugin version as well as a fix for the plugin version management [2009-11-16 by thug] JBoss Seam Archetype SNAPSHOT updatedFixes errors in the persistence configuration. This failed uni