Unearth PHP Cache Engine

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The Unearth PHP Cache Engine is a flexible, easy-to-use system for caching PHP pages. Features include stackable levels of caching.




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What is Zooball?Zooball is a dynamic, high speed, fast action table top version of the classic foosball game featuring the favorite mascots of LSU Tigers verses the UIC Dragons. This is a table top, video game for multi-player strategies. It is created for the TacTile multi-touch interface with an unearthly 360 degrees of play, this freeing us from the force of gravity. Hand gestures across the sensitive screen command the action liberating the gamer from the conventions of controllers and other

SharePoint Foundation Logger

Ever wondered what those CorrelationIDs in SharePoint error messages are all about? SPFLogger demystifies the SharePoint logging database and unearths the treasure of information captured therein. It will show you the true power of SharePoint 2010's new logging capability.

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A WoW addon designed to help make Archaeology easier and faster to do.

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This project interpolates unknown values using spatial similarity. It is window based using wxWidgets and visualization in OpenGl. Written in C++. Around the world, especially in New Mexico, water is a crucial to our survival. In deserts, groundwater is the major source of usable water and finding groundwater is hard and drains resources. Geostatistics can create a fairly accurate model of an entire area from limited medium samples, making the unearthing of potable water more efficient. We are g

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ASPNetImageA COM Interop wrapper written in C# for the .NET 2.0 System.Drawing namespace meant as a drop-in replacement for the third-party ASPImage component by ServerObjects Inc. While attemting to perform a web server update to Windows Server 2008 for a classic ASP app, I discovered that the long-used ASPImage 2.x COM object no longer functions, exiting with a memory error. Research into the issue for a solution unearthed a handful of reports from people experiencing the same issue and no luc

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A Surprisingly Complete Character Sheet SetA set of character sheets for D20 roleplaying games. Initially this includes Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 and Pathfinder. Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Download3.5.zip The zip file contains a PDF with all pages. FeaturesCombat-related details grouped on one side, for less page juggling Class-specific pages for spells and special abilities, including extra space for potions and scrolls Designed for multiclassing, with space for class details like hit die, skill r

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Where have all the leaders gone? We start with this fundamental question as we try to enquire into the ills of modern democracy. We find that although democracy is a noble endeavor of any society, it becomes dysfunctional and meaningless without the right “leaders�. We also find that society as a whole becomes indifferent to the democratic process when it fails to identify true “leaders� among the vast array of similar candidates. This indifference leads to a condition where democracy be

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IT Asset Management

amigatools - Some historical artifacts unearthed on an old game development machine

Some historical artifacts unearthed on an old game development machine

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Consume from the firehose; unearth accidental prose